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I’m trying to prove a point

The Signs as YouTubers

Aries Doddleoddle

Taurus SprinkleofGlitter

Gemini Danisnotonfire

Cancer Tyler Oakley

Leo Evan Edinger

Virgo Connor Franta

Libra Crabstickz

Scorpio Emma Blackery

Sagittarius Kickthepj

Capricorn Superwoman

Aquarius Phillip DeFranco

Pisces AmazingPhil


People at playlist or any other convention, please be respectful to the YouTubers and other attendees. Don’t camp outside and stalk people, it’s creepy.  When you do things like stalk them and wait outside their hotel room, you make it harder for people to meet them that just want to have a conversation because they’re going to be flooded by security because people can’t behave themselves. You’re also making these conventions a less enjoyable time for the YouTubers because they probably feel like they can’t leave their room without being mobbed by screaming people.  Be respectful of their boundaries, they’re people too guys.