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365 Days of Film
Day 132:  Once Upon a Time in Shangai(2014)
Directed by: Wong Ching-po

Starring: Andy On, Phillip Ng, Sammo Hung, Chen Kuan-tai, Luxia Jiang,

A laborer moves to Shanghai to become rich, and has to use his kung-fu skills to survive.(extracted from google)

It was very fun and has somre pretty great fight scenes. The beggining feels a bit sloppy, storywise and production wise, but if you get through the first 15 minutes the rest is pretty great. I also really liked the Bromance, like a Lot!

I was very confused at the final part cuz it’s incredibly similar to a Bruce Lee film called The Big Boss. Further investigating made me realized that the whole plot is actually incredibly similar to it. However Once Upon a Time in Shangai is actually a remake of a film called Boxer from Shantung.  It still borrows a lot from Bruce Lee, like the main characters battle stance, hairstyle and the ocassional Knuckle Cracking that Lee used to do a lot in his films.

If you like Martial Arts film, you’ll enjoy this one a lot.