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Phillip K. Smith III, an American artist based in Indio, California, has recently completed a stunning light installation in the middle of the California High Desert, near the small town of Joshua Tree. Titled ”Lucid Stead,” the work is actually an artistic intervention on a 70-year-old abandoned homesteader shack that plays with the concepts of light and shadow, reflection, projection and change.


Lucid Stead, 2013 by Phillip K. Smith III

Composed of mirror, LED lighting, custom built electronic equipment and Arduino programming amalgamated with a preexisting structure, this architectural intervention, at first, seems alien in context to the bleak landscape.  Upon further viewing, Lucid Stead imposes a delirious, almost spiritual experience.  Like the enveloping vista that changes hue as time passes, Lucid Stead transforms.  In daylight the 70 year old homesteader shack, that serves as the armature of the piece, reflects and refracts the surrounding terrain like a mirage or an hallucination. As the sun tucks behind the mountains, slowly shifting, geometric color fields emerge until they hover in the desolate darkness. This transformation also adapts personal perception, realigning one’s sensory priorities. A heightened awareness of solitude and the measured pace of the environment is realized.

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Double Truth: Light Artist Phillip K. Smith III Plays with our Perception of Space

Capturing the perceptual corporeality of light and shadow may be acknowledged as a tall order but that’s exactly what American artist Phillip K. Smith III is successfully attempting in his new solo exhibition fittingly called “Light + Shadow Works” at the Royale Projects gallery in Los Angeles. Through a sculptural series of pure-white, precisely-illuminated geometrical forms, visitors are exposed to what the artist calls “the subtlety of light across a surface” and how our spatial perception both depends on and is manipulated by the interaction of light and matter.



Date: March 24, 2014Author: Anne Drew Category: INFLUENCES

Amazing Installation from the artist Phillip K. Smith III in Joshua Tree (CA). I love the fact that all the mirrors put on the house reflect everything around and make disappear the house in the landscape, or make it look like it was an unfinished house.


 A Transparent Cabin

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This is  a transparent cabin built of wood and mirrors by Phillip K Smith. Part architectural intervention and part optical illusion, Lucid Stead is a recently unveiled installation by artist Phillip K Smith III in Joshua Tree, California.

The artist modified an existing 70-year-old homesteader shack by introducing mirrors to create the illusion of transparency, as the structure now takes on the lighting characteristics of anything around it.

LED lighting and other custom electronic components were further installed within the building’s interior to illuminate from the interior at night.