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Compilation of the best of backstage shenanigans at Matilda Broadway

RIP Matilda Broadway

None of the videos are mine. All credit goes to the original actor who posted the video.

Hamilton Characters As Things Cutthroat-Angel Has Said

Hamilton: “I’m sorry that I’m so tantalising”
Burr: “I’m literally so bad at life”
Lafayette: “problems. SOLVING THEM”
Laurens: “I’m a lot more gay for you”
HERCULES MULLIGAN: “shit, I’m right in the fuck zone”
Eliza: “Time is how we perceive change. If things aren’t changing, then time is a meaningless device”
And Peggy: “I’m over thinking things again”
Maria: “isn’t your child motivation enough?!?”
Washington: “I’m trying to maintain my dignity over here”
Madison: “it always feels like something bad is going to happen. even though I know that the chances are small, the though is still in the back of my mind”
Jefferson: “what’s another good quote of mine?”
King George: “what if the entire state of Texas just ceased to exist? wouldn’t that be neat?”
Charles Lee: “I’m just a weenie”
Phillip: “I’m dyin”

these are all things that @cutthroat-angel has said in the past 8 months

is it okay to tell my parents that I’m failing Chemistry because I spend class daydreaming about Anthony?


“I see now why they call it ‘falling’ in love. It’s a tumble that catches you off guard, surprises you, scares you, bumps you around, sends you spinning into the dark. But eventually, you level out, and enjoy the rush of free fall.”  
                  ―Joseph B. Phillips III

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Mean Girls' Star Daniel Franzese Proposes To Boyfriend In Most Romantic Way

Ahhh, Damien from Mean Girls is engaged and he popped the question in the most romantic way.

Like, it any rom-com scriptwriters need any inspiration, they can totally just copy this.

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Daniel Franzese shot to fame when he took on the role of Lindsay Lohan’s sassy best friend in the hit teen comedy Mean Girls, and People magazine have all the goss on his proposal.

The star had been dating Joseph Bradley Phillips for a year after meeting in a Starbucks in North Hollywood, so Daniel took his beau back to that same coffee house and put his romantic plan into action.

According to sources, Daniel gave the ring to the barista who then called out their order as “Mr. & Mr. Franzese”, telling Joseph that he wasn’t being given what he had ordered but he should try it out anyway.

As a no doubt perplexed Joseph opened his cup, Daniel got down on one knee and reportedly told his boyfriend: “Since I first saw you here, you have opened your heart to me, and I vow to God that for the rest of my life to honor and protect that heart if you will be my husband. Will you marry me?”

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Ahh, if that isn’t enough to melt your heart then we don’t know what is to be honest.

Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mr. Franzese!