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Gold Macedonian Stater from Kolophon, reign of Philip III Arrhidaios c. 323-319 BC

Laureate head of Apollo right, with the features of Alexander III the Great. On the reverse ΦIΛIΠΠOY, charioteer, holding kentron and reins, driving galloping biga right; below, tripod.

A splendid Hellenistic portrait of the finest style. Superb extremely fine.

While it lacks the customary forehead cowlick or “anastole” found in most images of Alexander the Great, the uncanny resemblance of the facial features seen on this type to known portraits of Alexander leave little doubt that the uncommonly talented die engraver is seeking to evoke the great conqueror with this magnificent depiction. As such, the coin could be seen as an appeal to unity for the Macedonian marshals seeking to carve up Alexander’s vast empire by the weakening central government under the nominal rule of Philip III Arrhidaios and the infant Alexander IV.

Kolophon was was an ancient city in Ionia. Founded around the turn of the first millennium BC, it was likely one of the oldest of the twelve cities of the Ionian League.

Hamilton Characters As Things Cutthroat-Angel Has Said

Hamilton: “I’m sorry that I’m so tantalising”
Burr: “I’m literally so bad at life”
Lafayette: “problems. SOLVING THEM”
Laurens: “I’m a lot more gay for you”
HERCULES MULLIGAN: “shit, I’m right in the fuck zone”
Eliza: “Time is how we perceive change. If things aren’t changing, then time is a meaningless device”
And Peggy: “I’m over thinking things again”
Maria: “isn’t your child motivation enough?!?”
Washington: “I’m trying to maintain my dignity over here”
Madison: “it always feels like something bad is going to happen. even though I know that the chances are small, the though is still in the back of my mind”
Jefferson: “what’s another good quote of mine?”
King George: “what if the entire state of Texas just ceased to exist? wouldn’t that be neat?”
Charles Lee: “I’m just a weenie”
Phillip: “I’m dyin”

these are all things that @cutthroat-angel has said in the past 8 months

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