You guys, she can NOT be okay. She looks absolutely petrified of something behind the camera in every video. Everything she does looks so forced, like she’s doing whatever the person in front of her is motioning for her to do. She is covered in bruises and her eyes are filled with fear. I never watched her videos until recently, and the change I saw in her personality was UNREAL. In her older videos she was this happy, carefree girl that was loud and confident, just living life. In her recent videos, she acts like she is scared for her life. She is constantly looking everywhere but the camera with this empty look on her face, and everything looks fake and forced. She is TERRIFIED. And the fact that there is a “meet up” at a time like this makes everything even more shady. I don’t know what’s even happening. Abuse, drugs, kidnap, WHATEVER IS HAPPENING THERE IS SOMETHING SKETCHY AND WE SHOULD KEEP INVESTIGATING UNTIL WE FIND OUT SHE IS 100000% OKAY. (Btw, do not go to the meetup. Something’s not right and I wouldn’t want anyone to be in danger. Stay safe.) xx

Your Fave Is Problematic: Phil Lester

-innuendos every five seconds
-can (and will) flare his nostrils
-comforts people by offering them food
-killed his badger children in Shelter
-actual YouTube dinosaur
-once called a bowl “big daddy”
-drops things a lot
-has cheekbones that could cut a man
-steals cereal (specifically dan’s)
-doesn’t wear his glasses nearly as often as he should
-joked about falling off a stage then actually did it
-snapped a stress mushroom (definitely not a dildo what)
-still doesn’t understand the concept of the sound barrier?
-once bought grass sandals?? and it wasn’t a joke???
-has driven over a poor, defenseless flowerbed
-leaves socks literally everywhere

someone stop this man before its too late