'Lil rant

Ok so I’m pretty new to the Phandom. Like, September 2015 new. I don’t know everything about the Phandom yet but I’m up-to-date with the dos and don'ts. Y'know, the drama with Dan’s family and the V-Day video and 2012. The Phandom is growing pretty fast as far as I can tell, and there are all of the dinosaur phans freaking the fuck out about it being like ‘it’s gonna be 2012’ all over again, and calling the V day video the video that must not be named and dans brother is unspeakable for most of us. And I get why to be honest, because in all of those instances we fucked up, dan reacted and the shit hit the fan. And there are new people (even newer than me) in the comments and they don’t know what the hell is going on when all of the aforementioned things are cryptically talked about in the comments. There was one I saw in Dan’s reacting to baby videos video where someone said something along the lines of ‘who’s that dan’s granddad is holding?’ (it was Adrian) and the replies were just 'can’t tell you sorry’ and that pissed me off. If there are new Phandom members and we aren’t telling them about things that happened in the past then when are they gonna find out? We should tell them, d&p have obviously grown a LOT as people since 2012 and it probably won’t happen again, and we’re just confusing them. I guess what I’m trying to say is that everyone should stop being secretive and annoying and 'Im older than you I’ve been in the Phandom longer your questions are invalid I’m now going to shitpost about how new phans are going to fuck up the admittedly shaky foundations our fandom is built on. And, yes, I don’t know everything about the Phandom but I’m pretty sure we should respect the newer, younger phans. Also, please tell me if anything in this is wrong or could come across as angry, because I don’t mean it to and I guess it’s just my opinion. If you’ve read this far, congrats! Here’s a cute fact as a reward:otters hold hands to stop themselves from floating away from each other :)

Let’s stay friendly and phan obsessed :)

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Ok time to rant. Everyone in the phandom knows it’s going to be Valentine’s Day and that means no posting that video. Yes THAT video. You all know what I’m talking about. I understand that a lot of people ship them together and everything but seriously? Are you really going to do that and probably ruin so many things? Do you realize that Dan and Phil are so special, so amazing and that they don’t deserve people doing this to them? If you were planning on posting that video ANYWHERE AT ALL, then don’t. We have to respect their privacy. We don’t want a repeat of 2012. They have opened up to us in so many ways and we should appreciate it. If you can’t appreciate it then you’re a fake fan. Yes, I get it you ship them, BUT don’t take it too far. Mk rant over.


I’ve made a cake for @amazingphil’s Birthday
I hope you like it 😊🎂🎊🎉🎁🎈
I wish you could eat it but unfortunately I live in Russia😞
However, if you come to Tyumen(Russia), I will make you billion cakes 😀