Your Fave Is Problematic: Phil Lester

-innuendos every five seconds
-can (and will) flare his nostrils
-comforts people by offering them food
-killed his badger children in Shelter
-actual YouTube dinosaur
-once called a bowl “big daddy”
-drops things a lot
-has cheekbones that could cut a man
-steals cereal (specifically dan’s)
-doesn’t wear his glasses nearly as often as he should
-joked about falling off a stage then actually did it
-snapped a stress mushroom (definitely not a dildo what)
-still doesn’t understand the concept of the sound barrier?
-once bought grass sandals?? and it wasn’t a joke???
-has driven over a poor, defenseless flowerbed
-leaves socks literally everywhere

someone stop this man before its too late