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Line of succession to theSwedish throne

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philkas au in which lukas comes out to bo, and it doesnt go well, so he goes to philip

Part of Lukas knew that his father would find out eventually. He knew that one day the partially cracked lid was going to snap off, and everything was going to come out, and he would be left to deal with the spillage.

He just didn’t expect it so soon.

The world falls flat on its face, and it’s all Lukas can do to run out of the house, and keep going until he can’t feel his legs anymore.

He wasn’t trying to go anywhere in particular, but his feet took him to the only place he really wants to go; he finds himself at Philip’s house.

He takes a minute to catch his breath, before pulling his phone out, and sending Philip a text.

Lukas: he knows. he knows everything.

A moment later, Philip is opening the front door, a jacket in his hand. He lifts his head, and comes to a stop when he sees Lukas.  His lips part, and he seems unsure, unsure of what to do, what to say, how to approach this.

Lukas himself is frozen.

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Philip Schuyler was a general in the Continental Army as well as a businessman.  He was actually pretty good at it, and the British wanted to take him out of commission.  One night, a raiding party broke into the Schuyler house looking for him.  The family (Philip included) hid in an upstairs bedroom – when they realized that the baby was still in her cradle downstairs.

So, who volunteered to sneak through a house of armed men to get her?  Who got grabbed on the way back up and, still holding the baby, lied to their leader when he stuck a gun in her face and demanded to know where General Schuyler was?


can we just take a minute to think about Philip making the playlist. Philip spending hours in his room putting together the perfect song combination. Philip hearing a song on the radio and immediately thinking of Lukas or just hearing a song in general and it just reminds him of him and Lukas. How long has Philip had this playlist? Imagine Philip gradually adding more and more songs to this through each encounter with Lukas. Philip being nervous about showing him because what if he doesn’t like it? Then the joy when Lukas loves it. Philip is the Softest Boyfriend™

Grace Bol for Philip Treacy designs photographed by Alexey Kolpakov for Interview Russia, March 2015.