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Flying over the limestone islands and coral reefs of the Philippines

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Boyf riend height difference hcs?

  • Jeremy was taller than Michael for like their entire lives
  • Then one summer Michael and his family go to the Philippines for vacation
  • He comes back Freshman year of high school and he’s like “Sup” and is 2 inches taller than Jeremy
  • Its not a crazy high difference but adding the fact Michael’s hair has height it looks like 4-5 inch difference
  • Jeremy can tiptoe and they are the same height
  • Michael has pretty shitty posture from hunched over gaming on beanbags so he looks shorter than Jeremy most times
  • Slouch King Mell
  • Michael likes to lean alot too which adds to the mistaken “Isn’t Jeremy taller?” 
  • Its a small difference no one notices until Michael stretches or stands straight for some reason.  

Longtime I wanted to draw that

The Alaska Milk Corporation is a manufacturer of milk products in the Philippines. Its products are sold under the Alaska brand. The company also owns the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) team, the Alaska Aces. The AMC is also the sponsor of the Alaska Ironkids Philippines, the local junior version of the international triathlon series Ironman.

“Wala paring tatalo sa Alaska” means “Nothing beats Alaska” if I’m right.
This is why Sedna blushes : she loves this tagline + filipino sun = best vacations ever

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April 4, 2017

This summer 2017 is probably the happiest summer I’ve had in ages because well, it had the most adventures and secondly, it was spent with my family. Right after my cousins arrived in Davao from Manila, we immediately prepared our things and travelled to Surigao Del Sur, even though they were straight fresh from the airport. We ain’t wasting any time hahahaha! About 3pm, I came home from school (I had to start my clearance), and they were already waiting for me and for our vehicle to arrive. We rented a van. Few minutes passed, we were already on our way to Surigao Del Sur. On the way, I really didn’t want to sleep because I wasn’t going to miss out any beautiful views. We don’t always travel this far by land, so I’m not going to miss my chances. Then I realized we were to sit on a van for at least 8 hours so I need to get some rest.

After about seven hours and so, we already had a stopped over to eat, we arrived at the resort, Mac Arthur’s Place. We settled, had dinner and went to bed. 8 hours, what a travel, right?

The next morning, we woke up at 6 am to have breakfast. We then proceeded to the island hopping! It’s my first time, if that’s shocking for you hahahahaha! I already forgot the names of the islands but there were 4 of them. I remember one of them was called Naked Island because it didn’t have trees. It was just sand. 

The weather was perfect for island hopping. It was about to rain and so it looked like the clouds were following us. We could see it was raining on the other side and it was heading on our direction.

I also got to taste some kind of sea urchin. I wasn’t going to in the first place but my mom insisted, “Minsan lang ‘to. Try mo na, baka pagsisihan mo pa.” So yeah, I tasted a bit. It was salty but I think that’s because they washed it with ocean water. Overall, I wouldn’t taste it again HAHAHAHA!

After those 4 small islands and after hundreds of pictures, we headed back to the resort to check out. We were on the road again on the way to the famous Enchanted River (6th photo). It was enchanting, of course. It has a crystal clear water. You can see the bottom clearly and the fishes swimming around you. 

Then we rode to Tinuy-an falls. We sure did made our time in Surigao worthwhile. My tanline sure is worth it hahahaha! Gahd I never realized how light my skin used to be, now it’s about 2 tones darker HAHAHAHAHA.

Surigao is indeed one of the wonders of the Philippines. It was worth the 8 hours of travelling by land. You all should visit sometime soon! Especially the Enchanted River! I witnessed its beauty with my own eye, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to do so.


Rendezvous on the neighbourhood 

It finally happened. It has been a long week for us actually of not meeting and seeing each other. We’ve been so colossally itching about reuniting since this summer of 2017 would not be ending sooner, or at least a little more weeks which is quite long. It was Thursday morning in summer (warm yet refreshing) when my friends and I had decided to finally meet up on this neighbour beach. Neighbour, because it isn’t too far from our homes nor difficult to navigate.

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