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Kuya, we know you like America, but what do you think about America's boss and having to work with them now?

//RIP Nyo!Phili


M!A: Male Phili [25/8]. And that’s the end of the M!A. It’s back to female Phili.


  • The background is Fort Santiago, a part of the walled city of Intramuros. During the Spanish period, that was the capital city of Manila, where the colonial government ruled the country.
  • While it is true that the Philippines was a Spanish colony, the Philippines was too far away and expensive to keep. But King Felipe was like, It’s so un-Christian to abandon those poor, unfortunate souls we saved just coz there’s no money. Let Nueva España take care of it. 
  • And so, from the earliest years of Spanish colonization up to the Mexican independence, we were governed by Nueva España.
  • I suppose it’s safe to say Mexico did pay for wall, so, thank you Mexico//bricked


[Translation: “You know those people who are handsome??? But have no good manners and right conduct??? HA HAHAH. Major Turn off.”]




MANILA: “Shaddup, ’Beast’.”


Quote based on: The Mindy Project (See here:

Did you get mysterious messages?
It’s a piece of the puzzle.
The letters are the only clues to solving
hidden mysteries

Art Collab with: @ask2pphili / @mango-guhit !!

One half she does the lineart and I colour, the other half is I do the lineart and she colours!

Also this is a Southeast Asian Hetalia/MysMe AU

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Hi!Have you ever tried to personify any countries yourself?? And if you had can you share some? P.S I'm in love with your art!

Yes. I have some. The most recurring one among the designs is the one for the Philippines, the place I currently reside. There’s a male and female version, but, I mostly use the male one for strips because I think ‘Phil’ sounds like a pretty chill bro haha

(I made a parody comic before. It’s read right to left)