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morning takeoff by Philip Tong
Via Flickr:
A Philippines Airline Boeing 777 taxis on the runway in the morning sunrise. Vancouver International Airport
Sea Island
Richmond, British Columbia

I love flying Philippine Airlines! They’re often overlooked and underrated, but I find their service is always top-notch. So much better than other “award winning airlines”.

One thing they’re famous for is their “arroz caldo”, which is rice porridge with chicken. Had it today for the first time and it so lives up to the hype! So simple, but their preparation is warm, comforting, flavorful, reinvigorating… exactly what I needed for breakfast after a long night out and four hours of sleep. I added fried garlic, scallions and crispy fish to mine. Calamansi extract and salted egg were two other options.

I hope to be flying PAL more often now that I know this magical meal is included in the ticket price!


Philippines typhoon makes landfall -

Typhoon Hagupit has made landfall in the town of Dolores in the eastern Philippines, the country’s weather agency says.

The storm knocked out electricity and felled trees in the area, though no casualties have been reported.

Over half a million have fled coastal villages in the past few days ahead of the storm’s arrival.

The typhoon is on course for the city of Tacloban, where thousands were killed by Typhoon Haiyan a year ago.

It has weakened slightly but gusts are still peaking at 195km/h (120mph).

Thousands of passengers were left stranded after Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific cancelled more than 150 flights to the central and southern Philippines on Friday and Saturday, and sea travel services were suspended.

At the scene: Saira Asher, BBC News, Legazpi

From Manila it took us 12 hours by car to reach Legazpi, a city in the south of Luzon island. Along the way in small towns we saw people stocking up on fuel, food and materials to fortify their homes.

In this popular tourist city on the coast, the streets are deserted. Officials say 75,000 people have already been evacuated.

The typhoon is expected to cross the country further north of Tacloban on the island of Samar.

This city could be feeling the full force of Typhoon Hagupit and many here are not taking any chances. Businesses are boarding up their windows and readying evacuation areas, as they prepare for the worst.

‘Massive scale’

Officials said that there had been damage in Dolores.

“There are many trees that have toppled, some of them on the highway”, police spokesman Alex Robin told the Associated Press from Dolores.

“We are totally in the dark here. The only light comes from flashlights.”

Pro Russian separatists are not allowing investigators on the MH17 crash site!!

My fingers are itching to write this. Have you ever felt furious from the inner core of your soul? Not hate but fury?

On Thursday the 17th of July a combined KLM/Malaysian airline flight MH17 possibly got shot down by a rocket missile. This flight contained people who were either going on a vacation, a business trip or going back home to their families. What I am really trying to say is that this airplane was filled with people who had absolutely nothing to do with the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Now this is what makes be furious. Pro Russian separatist’s are not allowing investigators on the crash site!!! I’m hearing various stories of them being drunk, plundering, moving bodies, toying with evidence and being aggressive against the investigators so they’ll have to leave. It’s 35 degrees Celsius in Ukraine on that specific location at the moment. And the bodies are just lying there rotting away, because let’s face it, that is the truth what happens the corpse of a deceased human being in extreme heat.

While relatives and friends from the boarded passengers all the over the world, are wondering when they can expect to have their loved ones back home for a proper last greeting. It makes me furious that once again innocent people are the victim over conflicts between two nations. It angers me that apparently they cannot let go of their grudges against each other for just a couple of days to let a team of people at least take care of the deceased and bring them back home where they belong with their families.

I’m afraid that political conflict is going to overrule this whole incident.  

I want to do something about this, but I can’t.

I feel powerless.

I want to call out to the world leaders, people with political power to end this and do something, anything.

I am aware that I’m just a tiny voice in a big world of loudmouths.

And all I can do is write this.

But I just want that:

193 people from The Netherlands

43 people from Malaysia

27 people from Australia

12 people from Indonesia

10 people from the United Kingdom

4 people from Germany

4 people from Belgium

3 people from the Philippines

1 person from Canada

1 person from New Zealand  

 Can be brought home, so that their families can say their proper final goodbye’s.
Karlie Kloss Shared Her Travel Woes on Twitter, and So Should You
The supermodel proves that sometimes a heated tweet can go a long way when it comes to air travel.
By Brooke Bobb

Karlie Kloss Shared Her Travel Woes on Twitter, and So Should You

June 8, 2016
by Brooke Bobb

America’s sweetheart supermodel had a rare public outburst on Tuesday and it happened, where else? The airport. Karlie Kloss was allegedly mistreated by Philippine Airlines staff after she missed her flight, so she took to Twitter and Snapchat to share her rage with her millions of followers. “[Philippine Airlines] has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ALL TIME. Most BUDGET AIRLINE. Rude & disrespectful. Shame on you,” she tweeted. On Snapchat, Kloss shared a photo of herself at the airline’s economy counter, covered with the red-lettered words, “No one [flies] [Philippine] Airlines … and now I know why.” While the details of exactly what went down haven’t been revealed, it must’ve been quite frustrating for Kloss to react with such fury.

The cover girl isn’t the first major name to shout their travel woes from the virtual mountaintops, especially when it comes to lamenting the TSA. Way before there was #IHateTheWait, celebrities like Rebel Wilson and Adam Levine posted their own frustrated commentary to Twitter. As Wilson voiced: “Almost got arrested at LAX for carrying an Alexander McQueen knuckle-duster purse … then I got a lecture about how it is also bad to buy fake.” She continued, “I said, ‘I know I’m Australian but I do have some cash, it’s totes real!’—then I got another lecture about not arguing with them.” Levine’s tweet was more to the point: “First time being felt up by a TSA. #uncool.” At least they had a sense of humor about it.

While we’re still waiting for the TSA to make some necessary changes, it seems like voicing your complaints to an airline or airport on social media does make some sort of a difference—particularly if you have millions of followers. Shortly after Kloss posted her assessment of the Philippine Airlines customer service, the company responded to her with this tweet: “@karliekloss Hi Karlie. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and the disappointment you felt. Please let us know your concern and your ticket details through DM.” It’s a start. In fact, more and more airlines are starting to embrace social media as their signature customer service outlet, especially in light of increased complaint volume. According to a study released last year by social media analysis software firm Crimson Hexagon, 47 percent of Twitter posts about five large U.S. airlines were negative, while positive comments accounted for just 20 percent. The airlines are pretty much now forced to respond in real time to this bubbling online anger.

So tweet, snap, and ’gram on, angry traveler. You just may get the answer, or appeasement, you’ve been looking for—even if you aren’t one of the most famous models in the world.