Boyf Riends Mermaid AU: Roomates

“So Michael, how long did your parents would be out of town?” Michael, Jeremy and his dad sat around the dinner table as Michael shovelled the macoroni and cheese in his mouth. He smiled through a full mouth at Mr.Heere.

“Prpvly a yeer er sumfin.” His attention went back to the food as Jeremy looked nervously at his dad. The explanation had been that he promised a friend he could stay at his house while his parents were out of town for a few months and he forgot to tell his dad about it. In a matter of three minutes Michael had cleared his plate before letting out a loud burp. “That was delicious Mr.Heere, you’re an amazing cook!”

Jeremy’s dad beamed as he got up and took Michael’s plate. “Thank you Michael, at least there’s someone in this house now who appreciates my cooking. Please call me Paul.”

“Alright Mr.Paul.” Jeremy tried avoiding eye contact with his father as Michael stared at the remains of Jeremy’s plate. “Hey are you going to eat that?”

“Er, no, here. He pushed the plate across to Michael who similarly scarfed the food down.

"I love this! What do you call it?”

“Ugh, Mac and cheese? You’ve never had it before?”

“The only human food I’ve eaten is burgers.”

“Human food?”

“He meant American food! His family is originally from the…Philippines!” Michael nodded his head as Jeremy’s dad’s eyes lit up.

“Really? Can you say something in Filipino?”

“Dad it’s called Tag Along.”

“I’m sorry, so can you-” Before Mr.Heere could finish the two boys were already halfway you the stairs. “Alright then. Night boys!”

“Night dad!”

“Good night Mr.Paul!”


“How does it feel?”

“Weird, is there water in this?”

“No it’s called an air mattress because-” Michael jumped on the vote up bed causing both it and him to flip over.

“Jeremy help.” Flipping the mattress back over Michael tried crawling on it again but found he couldn’t get comfortable. “Can I sleep with you?”

“What?! Oh you mean on my bed.”

“What else would I have meant?”

“You, ugh, er I mean-ya wanna watch something?” Jeremy’s flustered face confused Michael who jumped off the bed.

“Sure, what do you have?”
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