I’ve been feeling very insecure during this trip because I’m in the Philippines and all these cute Korean and Chinese girls are here and their clothes are nice and their bodies are little and skinny and perfect and their all really fucking pretty but they got nothing on how bad ass I felt and looked in this picture so fuck my insecurity and all that self doubt shit look at me in doing cool stuff with my life and time and I’m different and that’s good and even amazing go me!!!!!


These pictures were taken on our day trip to the RITM’s kalabaw (carabao) farm in Gandara, Samar. Dr. Mario Jiz at the RITM (Research Institute of Tropical Medicine) has been conducting a schistosomiasis vaccine trial on the native kalabaw for a few years now. Rice farmers depend on their kalabaw for their livelihood, and these bovines are often free-range, making them significant intermediate hosts for transmission. 

Along the way, Dr. Jiz has also had to deal with parasites like trypanosomes and Fasciola hepatica, as well as typhoons like Yolanda/Haiyan coming through the area! Hope I can add just a little to the good work he’s doing in Region VIII.