Philippine Independence Day: Why this Google homepage Art matters

What does this have to do with Independence Day? Yes, it’s a beautiful reef, and the Philippines is proud of its reefs, but why this of all designs? 

It’s amazing, really, how absolutely thoughtful and rebellious this piece of art is. 

I have not exaggerated when I say that China is DESTROYING THE PHILIPPINES in terms of our marine natural resources. 

They have been building artificial islands, thereby destroying miles of reefs and marine life. They have been stocking up MILITARY VEHICLES AND WEAPONRY on those islands. 

And still, Duterte does nothing. Our supposedly tough president does nothing while China arms itself to destroy us and destroy our natural resources and destroy what will take centuries to rebuild. 

This is why the image seen celebrating Philippine Independence is our untouched, beautiful coral reefs. 

Because we need to fight for them.



A new coffee bean just opened and I just love the interiors and the lighting! And it’s just right across from where I live. Finally, a new study place! Idk why but I’m not a huge fan of their coffee though. 

I will be trying my best to be active again. I’m now in my 3rd year of law school. I started my studyblr during my first year and it has helped me de-stress from my law school life. 

Super duper thankful of the upperclassmen and seniors who willingly share their notes with us! You are the real MVPs! Wouldn’t survive law school without you guys!

Mayari, the Tagalog goddess of the moon.
She is also the goddess of revolutions, and right to equal rule. When her father the supreme god Bathala passed away, she issued a proposal with her brother Apolaki, the sun god, to rule the land equally. However, Apolaki wanted to rule by himself. This led to a fierce divine war between the two sides, leading to Apolaki taking out one of Mayari’s eyes. Shocked by what he had done, Apolaki apologized to Mayari and relented to Mayari’s proposal. Since then, Apolaki ruled the earth every morning, while Mayari ruled the world every night, however, the light during night is dimmer because of Mayari’s lost eye.