Philippine Airlines New Safety Video

The new safety video for Philippine Airlines puts a creative spin on a normally routine and tedious time for sky bound travelers. Entertaining and visually appealing, the new video uses a mix of special effects and comedic elements to delight and keep passengers engaged all the while giving them vital information to keep them safe during their journey. Putting a twist on the traditional safety video, Philippine Airlines’ short but effective production is a must see for all who travel.

I love flying Philippine Airlines! They’re often overlooked and underrated, but I find their service is always top-notch. So much better than other “award winning airlines”.

One thing they’re famous for is their “arroz caldo”, which is rice porridge with chicken. Had it today for the first time and it so lives up to the hype! So simple, but their preparation is warm, comforting, flavorful, reinvigorating… exactly what I needed for breakfast after a long night out and four hours of sleep. I added fried garlic, scallions and crispy fish to mine. Calamansi extract and salted egg were two other options.

I hope to be flying PAL more often now that I know this magical meal is included in the ticket price!


Photos of the day - September 16, 2014

A Syrian refugee child eats inside his family’s tent at an informal settlement in Deir al-Ahmar, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon ––A Philippine Airlines (PAL) plane flies over burnt houses following a fire near Manila’s international airport, in Pasay city, Philippines –– A bakery employee places a ‘question mark’ cupcake between a Scottish Saltire cake (L) and a Union cupcake ® at a bakery in Edinburgh, Scotland ––Members of the anti-war activist group CodePink interrupt a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, left, and Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on Capitol Hill in Washington –– The body of Tatiana Medvedeva, killed in an attack on a bus, is seen covered by a jacket in the town of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine… are just a few of the photos of the day for September 16, 2014.

(Photos by REUTERS/Alia Haju, EPA/Francis R. Malasig, EPA/Andy Rain, AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)

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Spending on Value Experiences

I pride myself on being the kind of traveler who can travel well on a very tight budget. I’ve taken 15-hour train rides, stayed at a house with the toilet on the floor and slept on a 24-hour McDonald’s just so I would have more money to spend on activities.

I value experiences. For me, traveling is all about trying new things and making new memories. If it means sacrificing on comfort because I have to scrimp on my airfare and lodging, that’s fine by me!

But once in a while, the plane ride (or the hotel stay) can be the experience.

Last 2013, we took a roundtrip business class flight from Manila to Vancouver via Philippine Airlines. We got our tickets at the annual travel expo where PAL was the sponsor, so the prices were heavily discounted. In fact, the amount we paid for our tickets was the amount you usually pay for economy seats! That’s a pretty good deal, if you ask me!

Mor and I decided to take this opportunity because it’s not everyday (or every trip) that you get to ride on business class, right? Unless of course you’re mega loaded and we are definitely far from that! Haha!

Also, Mor is obsessed with all things related to commercial flights (airports, airlines, lounges, etc.) so this was something he was really excited about.

It was a 12 hour flight one way so we had plenty of time to enjoy the ride!

One of the things I enjoyed a lot is having the food served to you portion by portion on a spacious table with real plates and utensils! I know it sounds so shallow but oh, the difference that small details make! It’s wonderful not to have your food all boxed up in a teeny tiny tray!

It’s also wonderful to have a fancy schmancy meal for a change, complete with appetizers, champagne and chocolates.

Yummy! We are not complaining about airline food during this trip! 

People ride business class for comfort and what better way to be comfortable than to enjoy your seat-that-turns-into-a-bed and your very very spacious legroom! Ahh. Say goodbye to long flight leg cramps!

I’m a light sleeper so this is also one of those rare moments when I can actually sleep straight during a flight! I love it.

I woke myself up in the middle of my sleep so I can maximize my time on the plane (hehe). Who wants to sleep for the entire flight while you’re in business class anyway? (Oh, right, regular rich people who do this all the time do…)

I order myself a midnight snack because I read from the menu that the arroz caldo can be ordered anytime. I love arroz caldo and PAL’s signature arroz caldo is really one of the best (they also serve this at the PAL lounge)

And when Mor woke up from his long slumber (he values his sleep…haha), I invited him to a game of Monopoly Deal. We ordered some chips and got this snack pack! Mmm… I love Doritos!

Although I’m not a big airline aficionado like my husband (I’m good with budget airlines!) as you can see, I had a wonderful time riding business class. Upon landing, I felt so much more refreshed than how I would usually feel after a long haul flight. It was nice to be so comfortable.

But still, it’s not something I would get myself used to (it’s a pretty expensive experience, after all!)

You don’t need to spend a lot to be able to have a good time when you travel. But once in a while, it’s nice to save up and splurge on those rare experiences you won’t be able to do often (or again), like this one!

I recommend having at least one “splurge moment” per trip. Maybe you could book one night at a really posh hotel (then stay at a cheaper one for the rest of your trip!) Or maybe you could have a fancy dinner at a celebrity chef’s restaurant. Whatever it is, choose an activity that’s special for you; something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t. Splurge moments are there to enhance your travel experience. So might as well choose something that makes you happy!

Money can always be earned again but once moments pass, you won’t be able to get them back. Take advantage of the opportunities whenever you can! Seize the day! Work hard, play hard and most of all, enjoy living your life!

What kind of experiences would you be willing to “splurge” on?


Philippine Airlines’ new safety video by Ambient Media

Sa pamunuan ng PAL

Sana piliin mong tratuhin ng tama ang lahat ng mga empleyado mo. Alam kong kahit pinto ng A320 di mo alam kung paano isara, at kahit itaya pa natin ang buhay mo, hindi mo alam kung paano mag-reserve ng kahit isang upuan para sa iisang pasahero. 

Sigurado din akong ayaw mong ikaw mismo ang maglipat ng mga bagahe mula sa tarmac papasok ng cargo bay. Ewan ko kung marunong kang magpalipad ng eroplano, pero sigurado akong hindi mo kayang liparin ang 60 domestic at 45 international flights na sa ngayon ay kanselado.

Oo nga’t may naipalit ka sa kanila na pwedeng gumawa ng lahat ng ‘yan. Pero balita ko, kulang na lang 'di marunong gumamit ng radyo ang mga taong ipinalit mo. Parang hindi nila alam na hindi kailangang magbayad ng terminal fee ang deadhead cabin crew, o na obligasyon nila ang kaayusan ng eroplano bago magsara ang mga pinto.

Hindi mo sila masisisi kung magalit sila sa'yo. Oo, sa'yo sila galit, hindi sa mga pasahero niyo. Hindi ang paggambala ng biyahe nila ang dahilan ng gulong ito, kung hindi ang maling trato mo sa kanila. Akalain mo ba namang ilang taon nang nagtatrabaho sa'yo, sisipain mo lang dahil sa kulang na tubo?

No'ng hindi lumilipad ang mga eroplano, wala ka na ngang kinita, maraming naabala, nagkagulo na, nasira na ang mga gamit niyo, naglipat ka pa ng opisina. Pero sa bawat take-off na nangyari na sila ang nakatoka, nakinabang ka ng sobra sobra. Nakikita mo ba kung gaano kalaki ang pangangailangan mo sa kanila?



PS. Sabi mo, “non-core” ang services na tinanggal mo sa paraan ng retrenchment. Ibig sabihin, hindi ito ang pinakamahalagang serbisyo mo sa mga kliyente mo. Pero kung gano'n nga, bakit ka naparalisa nung tumigil sila sa pagtatrabaho?