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I’m the number one fan of who you are at 3 am.

-Alex, baka bukas 2016 (maybe tomorrow)
written & directed by:Samantha Lee


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Name: Neome
Age: 19
Country: Philippines

Hi, I am Neome from the Philippines. Ever since I saw these photos of my mother’s penpals, I got curious and now I am interested to try it out, too.

I am into TV series, movies, and also books. Also, I do some volunteering in my spare time. I wanted to widen my horizons about the world so I love talking about any topic under or even beyond the sun.

Preferences: I’d prefer people ages 18-23. I am also okay if you’re older, provided that your intentions are just purely platonic.


Director Patty Jenkins Talks About “Wonder Woman” - Manny The Movie Guy

Ten years ago, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 47th feature “Meet the Robinsons” was released in the US, the Philippine release of the movie was in June of the same year. When I got the DVD of that movie in October of the same year, I’ve literally watched it over a hundred times.

Two years ago, Star vs. the Forces of Evil officially hit the airwaves on Disney XD in the US.

To coincide these momentous events in Disney history, I made a tribute artwork, with Star and Marco dressing up as Lewis (or Cornelius Robinson) and Wilbur Robinson respectively. Oooh, Starco moment! Haha!

It took a few days to make using Illustrator, despite my laptop’s experiencing some kernel panics during the process. But I finished it tonight, so here it is!

Keep moving forward! -Drew

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Name: Alyssa
Age: 18
Country: Philippines

Hey what’s up! You can call me Alyssa, Aly, Al, or A. lol. I’m a third year college student. and I should be making an online enrollment system right now but that’s just boring and it’s really upsetting me because im still confused with what i should do. but here i am. coding makes me feel lonely :( kidding. so uhh i just wanna try this penpal thing sounds fun and awesome to do, so hmu! loljk.

anyways, what to know about me? uh, i like to read in a good day. but i love watching movies, tv series, kdrama, and youtube videos on a daily basis because that’s how productive i am with my life. i have no self-control and sense of priority in doing my tasks, but I own a bullet journal. How ironic is that? so, i watch a lot of liza koshy and david dobrik videos. #squadgoals And by watching their david’s vlog i developed a major crush on alex ernst. God bless his parents for having sex…i mean creating him.

I am a lame joker but my friends put up with it, God bless them too. I have a great love for South Korea even though I have never been there. *cough ‘k-drama addict’ cough* We’ll never know, maybe one day I’ll finally visit and my view of good korea and it’s sweet people will finally be broken. Kidding. I’m sorry I’m really just a big fan of Korean drama and korean boys. kidding again (im not really)

last thing i wanna tell about myself is that i’m actually a little socially awkward and most of the time disoriented with life.

this is so long im sure no one’s gonna read this xD worth a shot!

Preferences: Anyone around my age who can put up with my idiocy.

Sophie Philippine Élisabeth Justine de France, fille de France (27 July 1734 – 2 March 1782) was a French princesse du sang. She was the sixth daughter and eighth child of Louis XV of France and his Queen consort,Marie Leszczyńska. First known as Madame Cinquième, she later became Madame Sophie.


Sophie is less well known than many of her sisters. Her birth at the Palace of Versailles was relatively unremarked. Unlike the older children of Louis XV, she was not raised at Versailles, but sent to live at the Abbey of Fontevraud with her older sister Madame Victoire and younger sisters Madame Thérèse (who died young) and Madame Louise.

She had a shy, reserved nature, and was considered ugly and uninteresting. She is reported to have had a phobia of thunder, and it was known that she reacted strongly toward it. Her father called her Graille. She did not exercise any influence at the court, but let herself be directed by her older sister Madame Adélaïde, following her in her antipathy against her father’s mistresses, Madame de Pompadour and then Madame du Barry.

She was one of the four royal sisters to survive their parents. Her mother died on 24 June 1768 and all of her children were badly affected. Her father died six years later on 10 May 1774.

During the reign of her nephew Louis XVI of France, she and her sisters were allowed to maintain their apartments at Versailles and often stayed at the Château de Bellevue - made famous by the mistress of her father. In 1776, Louis XVI made her the Duchess of Louvois with her sister Madame Adélaïde, both of whom held the duchy-peerage for their lifetime.

She was buried in the royal tomb at the Royal Basilica of Saint Denis which was plundered and destroyed at the time of the French Revolution.

Her nephews included (among others) Ferdinand, Duke of Parma, Louis XVI of France, Louis XVIII of France, Charles X of France. Her nieces included Madame Élisabeth and Queen Maria Luisa of Spain.

In 2006, she was played by actress Shirley Henderson in the movie Marie Antoinette.

Her niece, Madame Sophie, youngest daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette was named after her.

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Name: Yesha
Age: 24
Country: Philippines

I am looking for a friend somewhere out there who share the same interests. I like music and Korean dramas. I enjoy singing and dancing. I’m a movie junkie and am now starting to fall in love with live theater performances, mostly musicals.

Preferences: I would like to receive letters from people of the same age bracket as mine. But on another note, I would also like to receive letters from old ones (like 50-60 years old) for the sake and the excitement of getting good life advice.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Heneral Luna. 

I bought tickets with the 50% discount. I watched it twice because it’s awesome. 

1. Cinematography. In the movie, the time when Luna’s mother visits him, they reminisce the old times when Luna was still a kid and it was a continuous shot of one era to another, from his childhood to his adulthood. Now having watched Pinoy movies, there has never been a shot like that, if ever there was, it wasn’t successfully delivered, then there’s this movie, and they did it perfectly! 

2. The Script (no, not the band -.-) 

 “Para kayong mga birhen na naniniwala sa pag- ibig ng isang puta!“ 

“Arestuhin nyo na, nauubusan na ako ng Ingles tangina naman!”

“MGA TRAYDOR!!! DUWAG!!” -Heneral Luna

3. John Arcilla. Why is he only given a main role just now? This country is too busy casting tisoys as pinoys and painting mestizas to look dark. They chose the perfect guy to play the part,  I’m glad Daniel Padilla wasn’t considered. 

4. The Sad Reality.  “Mga kapatid, mayroon tayong mas malaking kaaway kaysa sa mga Amerikano—ang ating sarili.” A Filipino’s death by a fellow Filipino. How could you?

5. 50% Discount. Even if it’s worth 250.00 I think I’d still buy tickets because it’s worth it *trumpets*

 Hey Star Cinema, I want my money back.