philippine marine corps



Some pictures I got to snap during so bilateral training with the Philippine Marines.

Getting to see their boot camp training there, you guys would be surprised how similar their boot camp is to ours. The females even have to shave their heads. 

Pretty awesome dudes, plus the locals we great.


CQB event hosted by the Philippine Marine Corps. Helmet Camera Footage.

I’ll dedicate my viewing of The Pacific on HBO Asia tomorrow to the men and women of the Philippine Marine Corps and the United States Marine Corps, both celebrating their birthdays this month! SEMPER FI, MARINES!!! OOORAH!!

And I’m also dedicating this to the memory of the late and great Gunnery Sergeant John “Manila John” Basilone, who celebrated his birthday last Monday. Happy birthday, Gunny! And by the way Jon Seda plays him in The Pacific.

(Honor by Hans Zimmer)


A Philippine Marine provides security in anticipation for the landing of U.S. Marine CH-53E Super Stallions assigned to Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 462 during Air Assault Support Exercise 2015-2 at Crows Valley, Philippines, July 22, 2015. The Philippine Marines participated in two weeks of bilateral training alongside U.S. Marines to improve readiness and strengthen interoperability between both forces. HMH-462 is attached to Marine Aircraft Group 36, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, III Marine Expeditionary Force through the Unit Deployment Program. The Philippine Marines are with Marine Battalion Landing Team 1, 1st Battalion, Philippine Marine Corps.

Photo by Cpl. Tyler S. Giguere