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Name: Jade/Jaden

Nickname: ^^^ it’s my middle name & prefered name!

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Height: 4'10 and ready to fight

Sexual Orientation: bi-fraysexual

Ethnicity: Asian / Caucasian

Favorite Fruit: Philippine mangoes

Favorite Season: Autumn! (Cough cough see my other main acct @cxlmfiasco cOUGJ)

Favorite Book Series: AKDHSJA umm Caster Chronicles (Beautiful Creatures) by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl??

Favorite Fictional Character: bruhhhh do my ocs count?

Favorite Flower: I’m not really a flowers person but amaryllis r p cool

Favorite Scent: I love so many umm vanilla?

Favorite Color: sage green

Favorite Animal: Siberian huskies! I’ve had two and taken care of 6 others.

Favorite Band: if u think I will ever not promote Kato Kazuki

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: chocolate milk.

Average Hours of Sleep: ????

Number of Blankets: one heavy heavy blanket year round

Dream Trip: ohh hard to say. Probably back packing or low cost travelling certain parts of Europe and Asia!

Last thing I googled: honestly, I used Google to set me an alarm I never wake up to.

Blog Created: idk when I first actually started but I remade this blog November ‘12

How many blogs do I follow? 260 and probably need to clean out haha.

Number of Followers: 409

What I usually post about: weeb shit

Do I get asks regularly? No :// I will get some chain asks but I just don’t do those, positive or otherwise bc I don’t like chain mail ❤️

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A fan asks Nino about presents from and for Sho (Baystorm 2/7/2016)
  • Message: The other day, it really surprised me when Sakurai-san announced that he was overseas in his corner on Johnny's web. Did he bring anything back for you? Also, Sakurai-san's birthday was on the 25th of January. Have you given him a present yet? If not, have you decided what you're going to give him yet? Please tell us what if you have!
  • Nino: He brought back dried fruits. Where was it from again? The Philippines, I think? Yeah I believe that's where he went.
  • Nino: Must have been tough! Didn't he go there for work? No, I'm pretty sure he did. I rather doubt he'd announce where he was on the web while he was still there, if it wasn't for work. If he announced it after he come back, then that would've been more likely. I don't think he would have announced that he was overseas while he's still travelling around. He probably wouldn't have spread it around until he was done travelling.
  • Nino: So he must have meant that he went there for work. Anyway, apparently it was your birthday, Sakurai-san. I need to get him something... I'm contemplating on giving him something camouflage-patterned, naturally.
  • Nino: Something in an uncommon type of camouflage pattern would be nice. Hmm. I'll need to think about it some more, yeah.

Day 31: 

Oh how I miss going to the fruit market every morning in Philippines. 

This morning I was trying to focus on speed and environment. I started just by blocking out the main shapes in their respective colors. Then I finished it off by going through the entire piece adding details with line work. This is a great little warmup before illustrating things like children’s books.