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If I have any drowse left from the effortful early climb, it deserts me almost instantly when I inch closer to ogle at the scene from where we stand,

An expanse of sheer clouds hanging in the horizon made more impressive by peeking peaks of distant mountain range resembling isles in the midst of a smoky ocean of blue and purplish hint.

Just in time, the rising sun to our left starts to mix its warm palette in an immense canvas turning the smoky ocean from cool water to a sweet warm tone of lilac and soft pink.

We alternately give out interjections while we scramble to admire the picture from different vantage points. Just how are you loving this. I murmur to myself.

Bontoc, Mountain Province
July 2015

The sun has climbed past mountain level by now and has completely melted the sweet colours of dawn. Yet shroud of fog seems unperturbed by warmth the sun emits and takes no heed of time as it unhurriedly rolls out to expose what lies below.

Like a stage with its drapes being slowly pulled aside for the main act, at last we welcome the sight with astonishment then with an applause of successive shutter clacks.

We are before the grace of another ancient engineering feat in the Cordillera, a revered art. A place many people might not recognize but even so radiates distinct charm and astounding quality. No less comely, no any less proud.

Hagdan-Hagdang Palayan ng Maligcong (Maligcong Rice Terraces)
Bontoc, Mountain Province
July 2015