Just finished watching a late night #movie called #thegrandmaster with the gf. @sha424 . The film was directed by #wongkarwai which I am a fan of his movies kind of disappoint me in this film. The movie didn’t have a strong story at all , if fact it was all over the place. It was more “tell me” then “show me” with the constant voice overs that had to explain things then add to what we were watching. The constant cutting was jarring when it was just two people speaking to one another. The robotic acting of #ziyizhang was annoying and didn’t bring amy form of depth to her character. There was no character development to Ip man other then he was the guy who was better then everyone else. The movie’s biggest attraction to me was its stunning cinematography which was done by #philippelesourd in which I applaud his work on this film. Sadly, this movies biggest plus to me was its biggest down fall since the movie was really more about the visuals and less about the story which in my book is a bad thing. I was excited to watch this movie but after 5mins into it becomes nothing more then a “look at me, I’m a pretty movie with no substance. ” very disappointed. :/