This awesome sculpture, segmenting and freezing a tree in the act of falling, is called Reconnected 1 and was created by artist Philippe Handford.

This tree and other sculptures can be found in Lancashire, England on the Pendle Sculpture Trail, a free sculpture trail conceived by Handford “to be a unique sculpture trail that would show site specific work inspired by, not just the natural materials found in the woods, but by the spooky history of the Pendle witches.”

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To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch Trials, artist Philippe Handford connected illegally felled trees together along the 2012 Pendle Sculpture Trail. His sculpture, Reconnected 1, features a tree trunk joined with its stump with a smoothly curving metal spine and slices of wood. Reconnected 2 consists of four tree stumps. The stumps are joined in pairs to create two crossing arches. Like the accused “witches” of the Pendle Witch Trials, the trees used in Handford’s sculptures were irresponsibly executed. Handford’s pieces were inspired by the location and were designed to look as if they are falling.

Hadford is one among the four artists who were asked to create pieces for the trail. The other artists include Sarah McDade, Steve Blaylock, and Martyn Bednarczuk.

-Janine Truong

Sources: (Laughing Squid/Kuriositas/My Modern Met)


Artist Philippe Handford turned trees that had been illegally cut down in a forest in Northwest England into a pair of beautiful sculpture installations for the 2012 Pendle Sculpture Trail. In the sculpture “Reconnected 1,” Handford connected a tree back to its stump with a spine-like armature of cross-sectioned logs. In “Reconnected 2,” Handford connected a cluster of four tree stumps with two cross-sectioned log arches. The Pendle Sculpture Trail marked the 400th anniversary of the trials and executions of the Pendle witches via