philippe chowe

This is coming from a guy who claims his net worth is 10 million and his salary is 1 million+ a year. His about me: “Lets start by flying somewhere on my private jet. I drink Ace of Spades. Audemars Piguet Collector. Cartier bracelets. I enjoy the goodlife. I always stay in luxury hotels and eat at the fanciest restaurants. I love driving fast Italian cars and getting to places by chopper. All my clothes are designer. I am friends with many celebrities.  My American Express Black Card concierge is my best friend. You will always find me eating at Nobu, STK, Katsuyas, Mr. Chows, Hakkasan,  Zuma, Cipriani, and Philippe Chow. If you are skeptical I dont judge, just let me prove it.”

What a fucking toolbag. If you don’t want to give allowances than get a girlfriend. Don’t try to be a sugardaddy.


“Gotta Get You Back”


Five Days Later.

“I’m Pregnant” Those words replayed over and over in my head no matter what I did too distract myself from thinking about it. It’s real typical for a nigga to deny it and trust me when I say denying a baby or not even fathering a child is not in my vocabulary. I wasn’t raised that way, Aunty J will kick my ass if she heard me speak like that anyway. I do have serious doubts though, but I know Angela ain’t been with nobody else. She wouldn’t play herself like that.

“Damn bro, I mean the only way this baby wouldn’t be yours is if you were strapped every time,” Cole said taking a bite out of his Subway sandwich, before I could speak up Ty spoke for me.

“Which we know his ass ain’t do. Remember last time his ass almost knocked some bitch up?” he asked laughing

“How the fuck you almost knock someone up nigga?” Trey asked by this time we were all dying with laughter. These mother fuckers get on my damn nerve.

“No but seriously bro can you say for certain you were strapped all the time?” Jermaine asked I breathed out and shrugged.

“I really can’t answer that question man,” I answered truthfully they all shook their head.

“Well be prepared to have Angela here for the next 18 years of your life,” Ty said grabbing the ball out my hand getting off the bleachers.

“Cole c'mon bro!” Trey called out he slapped my shoulder and shook his head while going too join the rest of them.

How am I going to get Nicki back now?

Later That Day.

“Ang you ready?” I called out walking towards the bedroom she nodded wiping her mouth.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her she shook her head. “Nothing babe I just threw up that’s all, I’m fine you ready?” she asked me I nodded.

“Yea c'mon Jay and Taylour downstairs,” I informed her as we walked out the house.

After coming from the courts with the fellas I didn’t hold back on anything. I came and questioned Angela on this whole pregnancy thing and she explained everything too me. She even showed me a sonogram picture so I know for sure this is real, there’s nothing left for me too do but step up. Whatever happens between Ang and I will never ruin the relationship I’m going to have with my princess.

We don’t know the exact sex of the baby yet but I want a girl, I wouldn’t mind a boy but I needs me a little princess.

“Hey Dom,” Taylour smiled at me I sent her small head nod and put my focus back on my phone. Taylour is someone I don’t really care about too be honest, she’s only tolerated because she’s dating my cousin. We have nothing in common and I just don’t want too be friends with her. I have no idea why Jay still has her ass around when he’s still stuck on Ciara and not only that he cheated on her.

Everybody talks about me fronting but look at him. Trolling a girl around he doesn’t even want, he just has her here because he doesn’t want too be alone.

As we pulled up too Philippe Chow I noticed a BMW & Mercedes that looked way too familiar, but shrugged it off. I mean how much people in California owns one of those cars. After Jay handed his keys over to the Valet we walked in the restaurant and immediately got taken too our seats.

Philippe Chow has become my top one restaurant to come too whether it be a date, special occasion or just because. The food is A1 and although we ain’t together no more this used too be me and Nicki’s spot. Now that I’m thinking about it, it’s giving me crazy memories.


“Babe can we please go too Chow’s” she dragged out grabbing my hand. I let go of her hand and wrapped my arm around her shoulder pulling her into me as we walked down the street.

“How we gonna go too Chow’s and we don’t even know where the crew is?” I laughed looking down at her she bust out laughing and some how found herself on my back.

“I’m sure they’re fine babe, c'mon I have the munchies and I’m feening for some Chow’s so let’s go,” she whined securely placing my arms under her thighs I pushed her up on my back a little and waked towards a car.

If it isn’t obvious we’re high, and the only reason we’re outside right now is because the party we were just in got shot up. I don’t know how we got separated from the crew but I don’t care because Philippe Chow sounds real good right now.

“Alright let’s go,” I said walking over too my car.

“Table for two,” Nicki said to the lady she nodded and handed us two menus and walked us too a table. I fucks with her because she gave us a table away from everybody.

“Jay is calling me,” I laughed placing my phone on the table.

“Don’t pick it up babe, just text him,” she said looking threw the menu. I just shut my phone off I didn’t need no interruptions right now.

“Okay I know what I’m getting,” she closed the menu looking at me.

“Me too,” I said she smiled moving closer too me. “Babe we should do something,” she whispered kissing my neck.

“In here?” I asked her she chuckled nodding.

I should have expected this because this is exactly how Nicki get’s when she’s high. But fucking in here, this is a first.

“You sure?” I asked her she smiled nodding.

“I’m going to the bathroom, you let me know if I’m sure when you walk in there,” she winked getting up from the table.

Our waitress walked over and I ordered our food and told her to just leave it there if we weren’t there. She didn’t question me so I just walked too the bathroom.

“Nicki,” I called out quietly I heard her laughing from in a stall. I rubbed my hands together after locking the door and joined her.

“How sure am I?” she asked me I smiled wrapping her legs around my waist pushing her up on the wall.

“Very sure,” I said into her neck


“DOMINIC!!” Ang called out I blinked my eyes a couple times and looked at her. “What?” I answered.

“I’m going to the bathroom with Taylour order for me if I’m not back,” she said I nodded while still thinking of me and Nicki’s sexcape.

“You good bro?” Jermaine asked me I nodded.

“Yea just thinking I’m straight,” I cleared my throat picking up my menu.

“No I love it here,” I heard a familiar voice say.

“I know that is not Ciara hugged up on some next nigga,” Jermaine gritted I turned around and saw both Nicki and Ciara talking and laughing it up with two dudes. Was she not just begging me too come back? Now she on a new nigga, fuck that.

“Where you going?” Jermaine asked me. “Say hi,” I shrugged he pushed me back shaking his head no.

“What good is that going to do, don’t make an ass of yourself bro,” he coached I waved him off.

“Besdies you don’t want her remember?” he reminded I waved him off.

“Why make fun of something you already know Jay?” I asked annoyed. “Damn Dom you sound like a fucking bitch, it’s one thing for a person to already know and for you too admit it. You’re the reason she’s moving on,” he said taking a sip of his water.

“Okay cool, but what about Ciara why she here with that nigga?” I asked him. “She thinks Taylour is my main priority,” he said. “And she’s not?” I asked him

“Hell no,” he answered I shook my head looking at this fool. “You have a real good way of showing it,” I said sarcastically looking back at Nicki, it’s obvious she ain’t notice me yet, but she gon see me.


Every chance I got I stole a glance at Ciara and this ‘new’ nigga. I wasn’t comfortable with it all, like that needed to be mentioned. I was just in her bed a few days ago and already she’s out with some new nigga, I’m not having that.

“Babe you okay?” Taylour asked me hearing Dom snicker made me even more mad. He has nerve to laugh when he’s loosing Ravyn as much as I’m loosing Ciara.

“Yea I’m straight,” I answered taking a sip of my drink I wiped my mouth watching Ciara walk in the way of the bathrooms. “I’m going to the bathroom,” I announced quickly getting out of my seat, walking past Ravyn I smiled at her shocked expression and continued on too the bathroom.

“Ciara,” I called out locking the door. “Jermaine?” she questioned turning around.

“So you wasn’t just laid up with me a few days ago?” I questioned. “So you ain’t just call me Taylour the other day?” she questioned sarcastically I chuckled shaking my head.

“Who is that nigga out there?” I asked her she sighed.

“His name is Laith is there a problem?” she questioned. “Yes there is a problem Ciara, you know I want you back and you here on a date!” I yelled.

“Oh you thought you was getting me back cause we had sex? I’m here on a date yes but why are you here Jermaine? I bet any money I go out there and see Taylour sitting at that table,” she folded her arms.

“I never said I was alone Ci. But just because she’s here doesn’t mean I want her,” I quickly stated.

“You have a way of showing that Jay. I’m sure she doesn’t know about what we did,” she said I shrugged. “So what. I bet that nigga don’t know either” I retorted back she chuckled shaking her head.

“He doesn’t need too know though he’s new she isn’t,” she said I waved her off. “What’s your point Ciara?” I asked her she grabbed my cheeks.

“You need to do better Jay. You’re still acting as if you’re in high school, channel your inner man and not some little ass boy. You say you want me but you have a funny way of showing it,” she said looking into my eyes I breathed out placing my hands on her hips.

“I really do want you Ci,” I said she looked down removing my hands.

“If this was maybe two weeks ago I would have been like show me, but I’m over it Jay. I don’t have time too wait for you,” she shrugged leaving the bathroom.

She doesn’t mean that, there’s still feelings there I know it. From this day on my number one priority will be too get Ciara back. I have too get rid of Taylour and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


“Ang let me use your bathroom,” Taylour said following behind her as they walked in her and Dom’s apartment.

“Rae see you?” I asked Dom he shook his head no. “She never looked my way, I was focused on her the whole time though,” he stressed I laughed shaking my head as Taylour walked out.

“Handle that bro, you have a way better chance then me,” he said I nodded. “Iight bro,” I said opening the car door for Taylour.

“You okay?” I asked I noticed her attitude from since we left the restaurant. “I’m fine Jermaine take me home,” she spat folding her arms I chuckled too stop myself from saying anything disrespectful.

“Did you do anything with her?” she immediately asked as we stopped at a red light. “What?” I questioned she looked at me with hurt eyes.

“Jermaine please don’t lie too me. I know Ciara was there because I saw Ravyn and although Angela didn’t notice I saw the way Dom kept checking for her,” she paused shaking her head. “And the same time Ciara sat down you came back too the table. So did you do anything with her?” she asked as her voice cracked. I sighed running my hand down my face.

“No, I didn’t do anything with her,” I paused. “At least not in the restaurant,” I mumbled.

“WHAT!” she yelled I looked up at her like she was stupid. “Look Taylour I can’t this, when I saw Ciara at the club I realized all the mistakes I made,” I sighed she looked shocked.

“So I was a mistake, all that shit saying you love me?” she questioned. “Taylour the night I didn’t come home I was with her. I went too talk to her and all the feelings I had inside came back, in order for me to get her back we can’t do this anymore,” I tried my best to make this situation sound good but with anyway you word it, it won’t work.

“You’re such a fucking bitch Jermaine! I don’t know what I ever saw in you, you bitch ass nigga,” she yelled I may be an asshole for this but right now I don’t care. I tired to be nice but she wants too come out her ass.

“Ain’t no way your ass talking too me Taylour, you were and still are the fucking side bitch. You knew about Ciara before you started fucking me so what that say about you hoe!!” I yelled at her “If I’m a bitch ass nigga yous a bitch ass hoe, your ass must have thought you won but you fucking didn’t, fuck up out my car catch ya ass a fucking cab,” I yelled unlocking the door.

“Fuck you Jermaine!!” she yelled slamming the door. “I know you wish you could” I yelled speeding off.


“What the fuck are y'all mother fuckers doing here?” I asked kicking my shoes off walking in the kitchen.

“I had too come pick up something for the club why the fuck you look so stressed and where the hell is Taylour?” Ty asked me.

“I kicked her disrespectful ass too the curb,” I sighed sitting on the couch. “Is anybody more disrespectful then your light bright ass?” Cole joked dapping Trey.

“Fuck you nigga. Long story short we saw Rae and Ci in Philippe Chow with some niggas,” I laughed at their facial expressions.

“Damn they moving on for real huh?” Trey asked I sighed running my hand down my face. “I hate too say it but yea man, Ciara is slowly but surely giving up on me and I’m not prepared for that,” I admitted

“Get her back then,” Ty stated. “Yea right Ty. Not only did he cheat on her with Taylour but he called her Taylour, and he had sex with Ci thinking everything was all good,” Trey paused.

“For some reason you think Ciara is supposed to just worship the ground you walk on nigga and you should already know that’s not going to happen. You and Dom both need to realize that,” Cole finished up I guess Trey’s statement.

“Exactly, Ravyn is not going too keep begging Dom’s stupid ass to take her back and it’s fucking obvious he wants her back. And Ciara she’s playing the game just right bro, she’s tired of your shit,” Ty added.

“Thank you Montel, Oprah, & Dr. Phil but I’m sure I can handle this on my own. Make sure you lock my house up if you leave,” I called out walking too my room.

I may joke and shit but their right, I have too show Ciara I’m serious about this. I got rid of Taylour so there’s some improvement right there, hope this works.