philippe bestenheider


Binta was inspired by Africa. Its sculp­tural shape evokes African wood carv­ings, but its polyurethane rub­ber forms are softer. Like a baobab tree, Binta anchors itself firmly to the ground with thick, trunk-​​like feet whose ele­gant forms bring to mind the weighty baobab.

Its uphol­stery is a patch­work of Wax fab­rics, the tra­di­tional tex­tiles worn by African women. Con­trast­ing pat­terns and colors emphasis the armchair’s shape, envelop­ing and mold­ing its silhouette.

The brash, bright color con­trasts are in the tra­di­tion of African tex­tiles and color schemes; they con­jure up the ele­gant tai­lor­ing of women’s clothes as if Binta were a Sene­galese lady about to wear and enhance the hot colors of Africa.‘