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Philosophers and Hogwarts Houses: The Definitive Sorting

20th-century French philosophers:

Slytherin: Michel Foucault
Gryffindor: Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Hufflepuff: Emmanuel Levinas
Ravenclaw: Alain Badiou 

Feminist philosophers:

Slytherin: Simone de Beauvoir
Gryffindor: bell hooks
Hufflepuff: Carol Gilligan
Ravenclaw: Sally Haslanger

American pragmatists:

Slytherin: William James 
Gryffindor: Jane Addams 
Hufflepuff: George Herbert Mead
Ravenclaw: John Dewey

Buddhist philosophers:

Slytherin: Nagarjuna
Gryffindor: Dōgen
Hufflepuff: Śāntideva
Ravenclaw: Gautama Buddha

German philosophers:

Slytherin: Martin Heidegger
Gryffindor: Theodor Adorno
Hufflepuff: Jürgen Habermas
Ravenclaw: Immanuel Kant

Ancient Greeks:

Slytherin: Plato
Gryffindor: Xenophon
Hufflepuff: Socrates
Ravenclaw: Aristotle

Contemporary ethicists:

Slytherin: David Benatar
Gryffindor: Philippa Foot
Hufflepuff: Derek Parfit
Ravenclaw: John McDowell


Ravenclaw: Bertrand Russell, G.E. Moore, Gottlob Frege, Ludwig Wittgenstein

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