hello friends! so today i reached my ultimate follower goal for this blog. i am so honored and so lucky to have reached this goal, and to be blogging amongst so many truly spectacular people. 

during my short 13 months on this blog, i’ve met so many amazing friends, with inspiring backstories and experiences that have changed my life. i don’t know how i’ll ever repay all of the people that i’ve met that have had such a positive effect on my life. in a very small attempt to make it up to the great people i’ve become friends with, i decided to make a small “friends-recognition” post. i hope all of the following bloggers think as highly of me as i of them.

in no particular order, below are the people that i’ve befriended, or consider my friends. thank you all so much for making my experience on tumblr so special.

phanphanphan ♔ dansgotsass ♔ phanbitchphiliplcster ♔ phanrocksmycrocs

alluringhowell ♔ danhowcll ♔ danlhowell ♔ danosaurs ♔ danhowellofficial ♔ phangs ♔ phillestir ♔

youtubekillsme ♔ lxguori ♔ kxckpj ♔ analzingphil ♔ fuckyoutubers ♔ danhowelll ♔ hnngphan ♔

kickthephantastickz ♔ autumnlesterhowell ♔ drunkhowell ♔howellsex ♔danistheflameprince

if your username is not here, i sincerely apologize. the 25 blogs above are solely people i’ve come to know - not my favorite blogs out of my entire blogroll (which contains just under 300 blogs). if i’m following you, i love your blog just as much as the above blogs and i appreciate you, too. 

once again, to all of my followers, thank you. from the bottom of my heart. you all mean the world to me.

thanks infinitely,

isabella (aka danhowll)

hi so i hit 3000 followers today and i never imagined having this many people following my blog so thank you so much for following me youre all swaggy

so here are some of my favourite blogs im sure ive missed out quite a lot and im sorry if i did!

★ amahzingphil 

★ beckyuslut 

★ daanhowell 

★ danhowcll 

★ danlhowell 

★ dansgotsass 

★ fuckyoutubers 

★ howelled 

★ iloveyoupeej 

★ literallylester 

★ orgasmicphil 

★ phanphanphan 

★ phanrocksmycrocs 

★ philiplcster 

★ queensivan 

★ rememberfelix 

★ fringeofdestiny 

★ youtubelullabies

just to wish all of you happy holidays, i chose to make a christmas follow forever! below are the blogs and people that i’ve become friends with, or really enjoy. ❄ merry christmas! ❄

❅philiplcster❅danphils❅danhowellofficial❅alluringhowell❅danosaurs ❅phlplstr❅analzingphil❅fuckyoutubers❅gettingmildlysuggestive ❅amahzingphil❅lxguori❅dehstiel❅kxckpj❅kickthephantastickz ❅drunkhowell❅jfchowell❅phanrocksmycrocs❅danception❅phansexuals ❅danistheflameprince❅thelionandthellama❅danlsnotonfire 

hey guys, i recently hit one thousand followers!!! that is c r a z y and i love every single one of you guys! 

italicized are favourites 

A – D 

♡ adoringphil ♡ alluringhowell ♡ amahzingphil

♡ curlyhowell ♡dandick ♡ danhowcll 

♡ danielhwll ♡ danistheflameprince♡ danthedork

♡ danthighs ♡ dlester ♡ dlhowell

E – K 

♡ eughhowell ♡ fabulouslester♡ faghowell 

♡ hnngphan ♡ hnnnngoverphan ♡ kardashidan 

♡ kicklapj ♡ kickthecrabsex

L – O 

♡ lamsarefluffy ♡ lestears ♡ lesterawr 

♡ liguorie ♡ lushowell ♡ mildlyhowell 

♡ moreorlester ♡ nakedhowell ♡ nyimeria 

♡ okaydan ♡ owelldan


♡ phagott ♡ phanofficial ♡ phanpants 

♡ phansexgods ♡ phansomniac ♡ philhasnobunk 

♡ philiplcster ♡ philmyjacksgap ♡ philpls 

♡ philplstrs ♡ philslesters ♡ philspenis 

♡ philswhiskers ♡ phxll ♡ piggywidgeon 

♡ pjleguori

Q - Z 

♡ redheadweirdo ♡ rllydan ♡ sapphirehowell 

♡ sexualphan ♡ sherc0ckh0lmes ♡ sirdanielhowell 

♡ skype-calls ♡ snowydan ♡ suchirolle 

♡ unf-youtubers ♡ youtubekillsme ♡ youtubers-ugh


thank you all for making my dash awesome! :D

and to irl people : samar and jada :)

thank you so so so much to all of my followers ily all <3