My Opinion

It seems interesting to me that all the people who are talking shit about Michael Vampire are also the ones throwing out these shitty cliché insults and also say “yeah I listened to them on youtube they suck too much autotune”. First of all, only about 3-4 of the songs out of about 16 had autotune. Secondly, no one was saying fuck all before Ronnie blasted those cheapass sounding PREPRO DEMOS; the small amount of hate they got was from the way they looked, or about ‘their genre’ not really about their performance, and have any of these shit talking keyboard warriors ever been to a live show? Because 90% of the people that have say they were amazing and no one said anything about Michael not being able to sing. Go to a live show. Give them a chance. Then if you still want to sit on your lazy ass and talk Crap be my guest, at least Michael is doing something important with his life.