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3 Things I’d Forgotten Until I Rewatched The Hunger Games Series

1. How Finnick never should have died.

2. How sad I was when Philip Seymour Hoffman (Plutarch Heavensbee) died.

3. How much I love Haymitch and Effie. As characters and a couple.


I am totally intrigued by the past that Trevor and Michael shared back in 90′s. Nothing soothes my heart more than the idea of two amateur wannabe bank robbers and their nerdy friend who plan heists on liquor shops while carrying a dream about The Big Score. Also long roadtrips, cheap booze, dumb jokes, inexplicit relationships and numerous failures.

Bank Robbery (Pt. 14)

Part: 14/?

Dedication: @ixhadbadxdays​​​ I apologize for…my…..loss

Summary: The story begins in a normal bank, where two men are arguing. Suddenly, the place is thrown into chaos as the bank is robbed. Upon finding that the thing they want is not there, they take one of the men arguing-named Hamilton-and leave with a warning that if they do not attain what they want, Hamilton will die. His arguing partner-Jefferson-is chosen to save him.

Inspiration: Idfk man it was from a plot generator

Warning: swearing

Word Count: 1680

A/N: Ew a plot that doesn’t even make sense

Philip jerked upright, but this time it was different. He felt like a weight had been lifted, kind of like when you remember that part of a dream. He ran his fingers through his hair, a sort of instinct for him. He remembered. This would help.

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All fans of the saga are grateful to you for the beautiful performance in the movie, and thanks for doing the book become a reality in the film. You are amazing, thank you so much!