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hi there, happy to see you back on tumblr! is there a chance you'll draw some Val!Wilkinson? he's so cute (and he had birthday at the beginning of June) ;)

Thank you, Anon! I’m happy to be back and drawing again ^_^

And here’s Val!Wilkinson:

Quast!vert wanted to be drawn too :)
(because really, how can I draw just one of them?)


I can’t beleive that we actually have Every Breath You Take perfomed by Philip Quast. We should use it duuudes.
pls somebody do it better than I because I’m bad at video editing.

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Which version of Les Mis should a beginner who knows next to nothing about it listen to first?



Speaking of the Sewers of Paris, I asked the Discord for opinions! The consensus (ft. direct quotes):

  • 2012 movie is possibly the best place to start. It’s uneven singing-wise and unfortunately cuts some of my fav lines (what were they thinking with Drink with Me???), but it’s overall an EXCELLENT intro for newcomers because the plot can get confusing and timeskippy and there are so many goddamn characters!! 
    • Also, Aaron Tveit. That’s all. #aaronjolras
  • For something to listen to after 2012 movie, the semi-staged 10th anniversary concert version (linked here!) is sheer greatness. Colm Wilkinson and Philip Quast are absolutely astonishing as Valjean and Javert. For just a taste of 10th anniversary, One Day More will hit you like a thunderbolt. 
    • Discord recommends you only listen to 10th anniversary after the movie because “you can’t enjoy crowe when you’ve heard Quast”
    • “movie gives u plot”
    • “TAC gives u quast”
  • If you want a literal modern AU, that actually exists and it’s called Dallas Theater Center Les Mis. It’s super diverse and explores the cycle of incarceration and police brutality and it’s just. It’s a punch in the gut. Best to watch once you’re already familiar with the plot, though, since the boot quality is sketchy at times.
  • Discord also recommends the 78 movie (adaptation of the book, not the musical) if you’re interested in getting into the wider Les Mis universe!! 

Thanks for this Ask!! I’ve been waiting for this question. :’) Do let me know how it goes!


Voice Types according to TV Tropes:

Baritones, like their female counterpart, the mezzos, come in all shapes and sizes. They are common for leading men, villains and character parts. There are even a few ingenues or at least roles for young men in the baritone range. Because it is a range shared by many singers, there are many subtypes of baritone roles. Villains and leading men in heavier pieces are frequently dramatic baritones, whereas character types are comic baritones and younger characters or characters in lighter shows are lyric baritones. Because it is the most common male vocal register, the voice can also have an “everyman” implication and such roles are frequently baritones.

[soprano] [mezzo-soprano] [contralto] [tenor] [bass]

whenever i hear the 10th anniversary soundtrack’s version of javert’s suicide and philip quast says “how can i now i allow this man to hold dominion over me” i hear him saying “to hold the minion over me” and it’s ruining my life