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hi there, happy to see you back on tumblr! is there a chance you'll draw some Val!Wilkinson? he's so cute (and he had birthday at the beginning of June) ;)

Thank you, Anon! I’m happy to be back and drawing again ^_^

And here’s Val!Wilkinson:

Quast!vert wanted to be drawn too :)
(because really, how can I draw just one of them?)


I wonder if any of you know that Philip Quast played the Wolf in Into the Woods once.
His voice is awesome, but my god does his costume design give me secondhand embarassment…….

re: philip quast

i can safely say that as an australian who grew up watching play school in the 90s, that any time i see the les mis 10th anniversary dream cast, my brain will automatically see him sat in a cardboard box singing a song about having a wash. and then my dumbass brain will sing that same song for the next 48 hours. 

please just imagine javert coming home after a long day of chasing valjean, sitting in a bath and singing
splish splash splosh
im having a wash
splosh splash splish
im as wet as a fish
soap on my body, shampoo in my hear
scrub-a-dub-dub now im clean everywhere

preferably with a rubber duck


When Javert (Philip Quast) hits that low note on “chain”, it gives me shivers. I just adore these two and the job they did with this.

Oh, Achilles, the bloodstained killer. With your strength comes your wounded pride. Well, I know your facade for I have heard the child that weeps inside.
Am I a part of you, are you a part of me? My sometimes father, my sometimes son. You word is bond to the end, what price a friend?
—  Patroclus, “Paris, a love story”  

Voice Types according to TV Tropes:

Baritones, like their female counterpart, the mezzos, come in all shapes and sizes. They are common for leading men, villains and character parts. There are even a few ingenues or at least roles for young men in the baritone range. Because it is a range shared by many singers, there are many subtypes of baritone roles. Villains and leading men in heavier pieces are frequently dramatic baritones, whereas character types are comic baritones and younger characters or characters in lighter shows are lyric baritones. Because it is the most common male vocal register, the voice can also have an “everyman” implication and such roles are frequently baritones.

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