Can anything harm us after the night lights are out?”

“No, nothing! Night lights are the eyes a mother leaves behind to guard her children.
—  ~There are no night lights in Neverland.~
Tender shepherd, tender shepherd, let me help you count your sheep. One in the meadow, two in then garden, three in the nursery fast asleep.

Tender shepherd, tender shepherd, watches over all his sheep. One, say your prayers, and two close your eyes, and three, safe and happily fall asleep.

Pan American Games 2015 (Toronto, Canada)

Canadians Philip Bester and Gabriela Dabrowski captured the silver medal in the mixed doubles event after being defeated 6-3, 6-0 by Argentina’s Guido Andreozzi and María Irigoyen in the final. This is Canada’s first medal in tennis at the Pan American Games since 1999 in Winnipeg. Dabrowski is also in today’s women’s doubles final with compatriot Carol Zhao.

There are no wolves on Neverland, Philip.

Philip had little desire to venture to terribly far from The Hangman’s Tree but on that particular day, something drew him away. The path he wandered was thick with overgrowth, vines and leaves grasping at his ankles as if the forest had come alive with intent to trip him up. He felt a peculiar unease sitting in the pit of his stomach and would have turned around and returned back to the tree if he had not felt drawn to keep on moving. The closer to the center of the woods you got, the darker it became, little light able to push its way through the dense overgrowth above his head. Philip paused, wrapping his arms around himself in an attempt to stave off the queasy feeling in his gut, and turned a slow circle.

He paused then, blood running cold, as he heard the sounds of crackling twigs. He had no idea what was coming for him, but he was most certainly no longer alone. He dropped to his hands and knees, hoping that he could remain hidden until whatever danger was coming saw fit to leave.

There are no wolves on Neverland, Philip.

It came slowly, large paws crushing dry twigs and leaves beneath him. Philip was to shocked to do anything but stand there and watch. For a large creature it certainly moved with grace and… dignity. He scarcely dared to breath as the large animal shook out its snow white coat. His heart all but stopped when it looked up at him; met his gaze with pale blue eyes that seemed to freeze him to his spot further. What happened if it felt threatened? He couldn’t fight the thing and if he ran, he would surely be overtaken. He didn’t know what to do but was saved the pain of having to figure that particular problem out when the wolf dropped its head and turned, loping back to where it had come from.

There are NO wolves on Neverland, Philip.

They thought he was making up stories. He supposed that it did sound like a rather extraordinary tale when looked at from a certain angle, but Philip hadn’t been quite so serious about anything in quite a long time. He didn’t think much of it but, as he glanced up at Tinkerbell, his brow curving up into an elegant arch, he had to ask… “You believe me, don’t you Tink?”

She smiled her pretty smile, hand brushing solidly against his cheek. “Of course I do, Philip.” He suspected she was just saying that to put him at ease. Normally, he would rebuke it. He didn’t this time though, smiling wanly in appreciation. At least now he didn’t feel quite so crazy.