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Which American Composer should you fight?

John Philip Sousa: Will you win? Probably not. He was in the marines, so he’ll probably kick your ass. But do it. Punch John Philip Sousa in the face. For all of us. I will pay you to fight Sousa.

George Gershwin: You could probably win this fight, but what will it accomplish? Nothing. He’ll just cry and you’ll hate yourself for making him cry.

Leonard Bernstein: Are you kidding? Have you ever watched Lenny conduct? Have you seen his music and time signature changes? He’ll kick your ass.


John Cage: Fight John Cage. Just do it. You know you want to after that 4'33 bullshit. Use your rage to fuel you and you will win. Just remember: people buy sheet music for 4'33.

John Williams: Don’t fight John Williams. He will crush you with his massive amounts of money. You will die, suffocating under the checks for Hedwig’s Theme and The Imperial March.

Louis Moreau Gottschalk: You will definitely win this fight. No one really knows who he is, but fight him. There is no chance you will lose

Eric Whitacre: ABORT MISSION. I’m like 80% convinced that Eric Whitacre is some sort of God incarnate and you don’t want to incur his wrath.

Charles Ives: Do not fight Charles Ives. He is a precious cinnamon roll, too good for this world. Too pure. Just let him continue writing his weird music. He hurts no one.

Little Ham Man (Small!Hamilsquad x Reader) 13

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Philip still stayed in the room, much to your dismay. You wanted him to walk around, to experience the world for what it was now. But you didn’t push him, you knew how hard he was trying to feel better.

Alexander didn’t go in the room either, listening to his son’s requests. You gave Philip food every day, and he thanked you every time. He took showers in a small bowl that you gave him (you left him in the room when that happened). He didn’t want to wear any modern clothes, so you washed his clothes every other day.

Lafayette and you spent the most time with small Philip. The color was coming back in his skin, and he was looking much better than before. His skin wasn’t sticking to his bones, and the muscle was coming back.

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My fav ship(s) (part 5)

PHILKAS (Philip Shea + Lukas Waldenbeck) 

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Too precious for this world

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Damn boy..or should I say…hmh..boys?…

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i’m not freaking out

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I wanna sleep next to you
But that’s all I wanna do right now
So come over now and talk me down

I wanna hold hands with you
But that’s all I wanna do right now
And I wanna get close to you
Cause your hands and lips still know their way around
And I know I like to draw that line, when it starts to get too real
But the less time that I spend with you, the less you need to heal

(Talk Me Down)

Philkas Christmas Headcanons

- Helen and Gabe take Philip to cut down a proper Christmas tree and they get the biggest one they can find

- Philip is tired and cold by the end of the whole ordeal, but he is secretly super pleased because he’s only ever had a plastic tree before

-Philip also isn’t used to having lots of gifts, since he and his mom were usually super tight on money, so he isn’t expecting anything different from his first year in Tivoli

- But of course Helen and Gabe go all out because they wanna make it special for him, plus they have never had a kid to spoil and Gabe is in full Cool Dad mode

- Philip is totally thrown when he sees all the presents under the tree and feels a little guilty at first

- “You didn’t have to get me all this”
“Yeah, but we wanted to”

- He maybe, sorta tears up a bit. Just a little.

- He gets some more film for his camera and a photo album

- Gabe makes a huge breakfast (Helen doesn’t even bother helping because she always burns the toast anyways) and by the end of it, Philip is so full he could burst

- Lukas and his dad have a slightly awkward morning, (they still aren’t on fantastic terms), but Bo makes coffee and they exchange gifts and it feels more normal than it has in years

- Helen and Gabe invite the Waldenbeck’s over for dinner, an offer which Bo declines (he may be trying but things are still weird for him), but Lukas accepts immediately

- Philip and Lukas both end up sneaking out to the barn, despite how freezing cold it is, and lay around in the loft goofing off

- Philip takes about a thousand pictures that Lukas tries and fails to get away from

- At least one snowball fight ensues, which Philip wins

- Dinner is amazing and warm and Lukas keeps grabbing hold of Philip’s hand under the table because now that the layers of fear are slowly being peeled back, and he’s with people that don’t judge him, he’s really sappy

- He also takes every opportunity to get Philip under the mistletoe to kiss him

- Later, when they are tuckered out and it’s dark, Lukas tells Philip that his stomach hurts for the first time and the smile Philip gives him could put the fucking sun to shame

- Eventually, the boys fall asleep on the couch, tangled up in each other and Gabe covers them in blankets

- Everyone is safe and happy and things are alright

The Best Way to Go (Philip x Reader)

Word Count: 1447

Genre: angst……..

Request/Summary: You volunteer to be Philip’s second when he goes to duel Eacker.

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x Reader

AU: HamilTime

Warnings: Angst, maybe cussing? idk, violence, sad Philip, self blame

A/N-Ima make you sad today, it’s my goal. Also, I’m not evil.

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You caught Philip as he walked out of the theater, cheeks reddened with anger and humiliation.

“(Y/N)!” He said upon noticing you, surprise in his voice.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), I’m afraid I’ll have to talk to you later. I have to go ask my father about something.” He pecked you quickly on the cheek and began walking past you.

“What about?” You questioned, quickening your pace to catch up with his long strides.

“Uhh…” He stopped and scratched the back of his neck.

“Philip,” Your brow furrowed, sensing something was wrong. “What is it?” You cupped his freckled cheek with your hand.

“It’s nothing.” He smiled weakly and leaned his cheek into your hand.You traced his lips with your thumb absently.

“You can tell me anything.” You said softly.

“(Y/N), I think I’ve made a mistake.” He admitted. Your hand dropped from his cheek and you rested it on his upper arm.

“What kind of mistake?” You asked.

“I have challenged Mr. George Eacker to a duel.”

“Make me proud son.” You had watched Hamilton lecture Philip on what to do. And it didn’t sound good.

“Mr. Hamilton,” You protested. “Eacker is no man of honor.”

“But can he be so dishonorable as to murder a young boy his own age, whose gun is pointed to the sky?” Hamilton asked you calmly. You contemplated for a minute.

“It’s too dangerous.” You shook your head. “Philip, just don’t go.”

“He’d face humiliation beyond measure.” Hamilton responded, perhaps a bit to over dramatically.

“Mr. Hamilton, it is his pride or- or his life.” Your eyes filled with tears and you couldn’t manage to hold eye contact with the stoic faced Alexander Hamilton, your gaze dropped to the floor. Philip lifted your chin gently.

“(Y/N), I’ll be fine.” He donned a brave and reassuring smile, but knowing the young man as well as you did, his fear and nerves were blatantly obvious to you.  

“If I didn’t show up, Eacker would come after me anyway. And that encounter would have more of a certainty of death.” You pulled your arms around his torso. Shaking your head against his shoulder. You felt him rest his chin on your head.

“Let me be your second.” You said stepping out of his embrace.

“What?” He asked blankly.

“I know that if you were going to bring someone it would be Richard Price, but take me instead, maybe I can negotiate a peace.”

“(Y/N), I can’t let you-”

“It’s not your decision to make.” You interrupted. “I’m coming with.”

“Be smart.” Mr. Hamilton interrupted the silence. “And stay safe.” He embraced his son.

“Both of you.” He added, nodding towards you.

“We will, father.” Philip replied.

“I still don’t feel good about you being here.” Philip said as you approached Eacker after crossing the Hudson.

“And I don’t feel good about you being here.” You replied.

“You are the most stubborn woman I know.” He shook his head and fiddled with the sleeves of his jacket.

“Hey.” You stopped him, taking his wrist. He turned to you. “Everything’s going to be okay. I’ll talk some sense into him.”

“I love you, (Y/N).” He whispered, gazing into your eyes.

“I love you too, Philip.” You answered, kissing him softly.

“Mr. Eacker. How was the rest of your show?” Philip questioned as you approached Eacker.

“I’d rather skip the pleasantries, let’s go.” George said. “Who’s this?” He asked, noticing you.

“I’m Mr. Hamilton’s second, it would be beneficial for me to confer with your ‘number 2’.” You said eloquently.

“So you brought your special girlie hoping that I wouldn’t shoot you if she was here?” Eacker  questioned tauntingly.

“I’d like you to know that I came here against his will. Now, if you’ll please lead me to your second, we can get through this much faster.” You snapped, trying your best to maintain a calmer tone.

“A scoundrel like your baby-boyfriend, I see.” Eacker teased. You took a deep breath.

“Very well, I’ll have to speak to you directly then.” You sighed.

“Mr. Philip Hamilton is only asking for an apology regarding your vulgar comments directed at him and his father. If you would kindly provide such apology we could easily move on from here.” You explained.

“You can’t make me apologize for having opinions with the addition of formal language.” He replied.

“All it takes is a simple “I’m sorry.” no need to even specify the dispute. And no one gets hurt. No one’s pride ruined.” You stated.

“I don’t have the time to listen to your attempts at peace, woman.” Eacker pushed you aside. “Let’s get to this Hamilton.”

You watched carefully as the boys prepared their guns, you could see their hands shaking as the met in the middle of the dueling ground. You counted their paces as they did so aloud. 

One. Something wasn’t right, this wasn’t going to end well. 

Two. You could feel it. 

Three. But it was too late now and there was nothing you could do. 

Four. Philip began to raise his pistol in the air, aiming for the sky. 

Five. The determination was strong in Eacker’s eyes. His will to live, he wasn’t going to let Philip win, even if it meant cheating. 

Six. You saw him begin to turn, and you ran without thinking. 

Seven. Philip turned to Eacker at the sound of movement. The crack of the gunshot rang loudly in your ears just after you had shoved Philip to the ground.

You fell yourself, unsure of why, perhaps it was just momentum. Everything happened in the space of perhaps three seconds, but the world turned to slow motion. You heard both boys beginning to shout passionately, Philip obviously much more so. And that was when it hit you. The pain. You screamed in agony, unable to contain it. You looked down at a rapidly growing stain just above your right hip. Sticky scarlet liquid poured from the area. I’ve been shot. You thought. I’m dead. I’ve been shot.

“(Y/N)!” Philip called sprinting back over to you. He knelt beside you and you moaned again at the pain.

“Doctor on sight.” He muttered.

“There’s supposed to be a doctor on sight. We did everything wrong.” He said, lifting you into his arms. Panic was seeping through his voice as he continued to talk to himself about everything they did wrong. He set your head on his lap as the boat carried you across the Hudson. He pulled your silk shawl from your shoulders and pressed it to the wound in a desperate attempt to stop the bleeding. You opened your mouth to speak but it felt as though your words were strangled to oblivion. Instead you reached up and placed your bloodstained hand on his cheek. You felt the tears slide over your hand before he rested his hand on top of yours.

“I’m sorry sir, the wound was already infected when you brought her here.” You heard the doctor say.

“But-”  Philip began.

“I’m doing everything I can.” The doctor said. There were a few seconds of silence before Philip walked into the room you were in.

“I’m going to die today, aren’t I?” You asked, your voice strained.

“N-No.” He said, trying to hold back the flow of tears. “Y-You can’t.”

“Please make sure Eacker is charged with murder.” You said. Philip nodded, afraid that if he opened his mouth the only sound to come out would be an ugly sob. He knelt beside you, maybe because he needed to be closer to you, maybe because his legs wouldn’t hold him up.

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N)!” He finally said, you traced his features with your finger. “It’s all my fault.”

“Don’t you dare blame yourself.” You scolded. You suddenly felt yourself slipping, the pain beginning to take you.

“Philip, I love you.” You whispered.

“I love you too.” He leaned over and kissed you softly and sweetly. The best way to go. You thought to yourself.

Philip went home that day with your bloodstained shawl clutched in his shaking hands. He was never the same after that. Some days he’d wake up and roll over to drape his arm over your shoulders, only to be faced with a flood of memories. Or he’d dream of you and wake with tear stained cheeks and only thoughts of how it was all his fault. He’d spend hours staring off into space, just wishing for you to touch his face one more time, to trace his features or to cup his cheek in your hand.

He never stopped blaming himself after you’d gone.

Which Hamilton characters you should fight

Hamilton | Who wins; You
Fight Hamilton. He is an asshole. Yeah he’s super smart and can probably destroy your family’s legacy with 24 essays on your inadequacy, but he’s small. He’s short. He’s full of unbridled rage. Fight Hamilton, it’ll be funny. 

 Aaron Burr, sir | Who wins; ???
I honestly have no idea. Burr literally has no opinions on anything, ever. Why are you even fighting him? It’s not like you disagree on anything, because Burr doesn’t disagree or agree with anything. But he thinks he’s better than you. Are you gonna take that? Just fight Burr anyway. He deserves it.

Laurens | Who wins; You
You really shouldn’t fight Laurens though. Laurens has a lot of pent-up aggression and hatred towards his father and once he is set on something he will KILL WHOEVER STANDS IN HIS WAY. In fact, he’s probably fighting you to protect someone else. He will go down swinging and it’ll make you feel awful because he’s really such a sweet guy. Don’t fight Laurens.

Lafayette | Who wins; Lafayette

Mulligan | Who wins; You, maybe?
Is he angry? Do not get him angry and you will be fine. Yeah he’s fucking enormous and can probably shatter your skull with a single punch, but he’s a tailor. He’s nice. He’s respectful. Unless he’s upset for any reason in which case you’re dead, fucko. Just…just don’t fight Mulligan. 

Eliza | Who wins; Doesn’t matter
Why? Why would you fight Eliza? What the fuck is wrong with you? She is the most trusting and kind person on the planet. Why would you want to fight Eliza? Do not fight Eliza. 

Angelica | Who wins; Angelica
Do not fight Angelica. She will destroy you without even looking in your direction. If you so much as look at her funny she will end you. She will spit so much fire at you your grandchildren will feel those burns. She knows exactly which words to say that will topple you like a Jenga tower before you open your mouth. Do not fight Angelica. 

Philip Hamilton | Who wins; Nobody
The kid is 19 years old and a poet, for gods sakes, but even when you beat him he will not give up to the point where it gets sad. He will punch your legs weakly when he can no longer stand up. Eliza will slit your throat in your sleep probably so you don’t even really win. Don’t fight Philip. 

Washington | Who wins; Washington
Don’t fight Washington. He’s the model of a modern major general. He’s seen some shit. He does not have time for this. Your defeat will be swift and easy. You’re not even worth his effort. He’s killed people more imposing than you. Don’t fight Washington. 

Jefferson | Who wins; You
This man does not know how to fight. He will cry if you spill wine on his new silk coat. Fight Jefferson, please. I literally will pay you to fight Jefferson. 

Madison | Who wins; You, but…
Come on, man. Just taking out Jefferson would be enough to make him back off. He’s a sick old man. Don’t even bother. He’s not worth it. 

King George III | Who wins; I don’t care
Fight King George. Seriously. Please. Punch him right in his pretty face.

Things I learnt from the TSA America private screening

Ok so I promised you guys that I would let you all know how the private screening went for the 3rd TSA America: Level Orange short… So here is what I can tell you (minus showing anything from the actual short) I have a few screen grabs to share…

Ok so Things I have learnt from the TSA America private screening

1) Give us a working chat and a common goal and we will waste hours just chilling together getting to know each other

2) MIsha has a Giraffe big enough to ride :O

3) Don’t get in the short line for security checks ;)

4) Don’t go to Iraq you just may get a cavity check :O

5) That automatic soap dispensers are miraculous

6) That its not a moose! hehehe (although we beg to differ Misha :P )  and is that a squirrel right next to it?

7) Jillian is doing a project called Kittens in a Cage, which has Misha in it… Misha tells us its porn hehehe

8) That the 3rd TSA America short is just as awesome as the other 2 :) and you all should just go get the DVD’s from

9) That there is a swing in the lounge room!

10) That Vicky is totally adorable when trying to avoid being on camera and Misha is a little shit (though we already knew that right?)

11) That West is adorable and we all loved seeing him in the short

12) That Rhi WINS (as announced by Misha!) edit: she was not the top bidder just won because she said something that prompted Misha to proclaim her the winner (so won nothing but the extreme satisfaction that Misha said her name)

13) That my life is complete from all the Misha laughing throughout the chat

14) That we raised $20k+ for Random Acts yay!

15) That Misha ALWAYS wears an apron at home ;)

16) That Misha tried to kill our tiny fangirls heart by saying he may show up at our houses unannounced

17) That we all made friends in the stageit chat

Also just a quick thanks to for enabling me to continue to relive this memory forever… you all should follow her!