Everything about that MV was perfect. From choosing a fandom name and lightstick colors to the inevitable conflict that happens in every group. Especially that whole “single out the face/maknae of the group and put them at the forefront” thing. And the whole “going solo” thing. And the fact that they were fighting about who would be the leader or who would get what lines. It’s a wonderful satirical prod at the real kpop industry and it was done so beautifully. Even the song itself was so good.

even though their korean pronunciation wasn’t the best shhhh they tried


Single by 30 Bloopers!


This is happening. BgA is indeed making waves in the KPop community. 😁😂

P.S. And YouTube has acknowledged them by freezing the views counter. 😂😂😂

Stan talent KPoopers.


This pretty much sums up how I feel about the whitewashing of Hollywood. Waiting for something to happen, puts us as the Asian American community in a vulnerable spot. Instead, We should look towards the online media! Youtube has provided a space where creators can make what they want, when they want, how they want, and with whoever they want. Even if you aren’t a creator, support the amazing Asian American content online! 

And so much moresupport this content, and do not support whitewashed films