philip vile

Lombard spoke. His eyes were amused. He said:

“About those natives -”

Marston said:

“What about them?”

Philip Lombard grinned.

“Story’s quite true! I left ‘em! Matter of self-preservation. We were lost in the bush. I and a couple of other fellows took what food there was and cleared out.”

General Macarthur said sternly:

“You abandoned your men - left them to starve?”

Lombard said:

“Not quite the act of a pukka sahib, I’m afraid. But self-preservation’s a man’s first duty. And natives don’t mind dying, you know. They don’t feel about it as Europeans do." 

Vera lifted her face from her hands. She said, staring at him:

"You left them - to die?”

Lombard answered:

“I left them to die.”

His amused eyes looked into her horrified ones.


Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None

I don’t want to begrudge anyone their fancrushes, but this is why seeing all the fawning for Philip Lombard in the And Then There Were None tag makes me go “UUUGGGGHHHH!”