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You understand, the titles, the… dukedom. They’re not the job. [Sir?] She is the job. She is the essence of your duty. Loving her. Protecting her. Of course, you’ll miss your career. But doing this for her, doing this for me… there may be no greater act of patriotism. Or love.

"Kings" ask game
  • Since so many people liked the “Queens” ask game, I decided to do the “Kings” ask game as well (yes, I know, I included emperors too).
  • Henry VIII.: most overrated ruler?
  • Alexander III of Russia: favorite historical person from your country?
  • Louis XIV: favorite crown jewels?
  • Frederick the Great: 3 things you love about your favorite ruler?
  • Philip II of Spain: favorite biography?
  • Richard III.: most interesting mystery in history?
  • Alexander the Great: favorite pharaoh?
  • Franz Joseph I. : favorite palace/castle?
  • Louis XVI: myth about your favorite ruler?
  • Gustav II Adolf: one question you would ask your favorite ruler?
  • Nicholas II of Russia: the most beautiful ruler?
  • James V of Scotland: favorite coat of arms?
  • Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor: favorite ruler with the same zodiac as you?
  • Frederick VI of Denmark: favorite era?
  • Maximilian I of Mexico: favorite royal house?
  • Genghis Khan: three facts about your favorite ruler?
  • George VI: favorite history blog on tumblr?

Jeanne de Clisson, also known as the Lioness of Brittany, was a Breton pirate who launched a reign of terror across the English Channel in the 14th century.

Jeanne became embroiled in the events of the Hundred Years’ War between England and France when her husband, Oliver, placed his support behind the English candidate to rule Brittany. For this he was tried and executed for treason by King Philip VI of France.

Enraged, Jeanne swore vengeance for the betrayal. She sold her husband’s remaining land so that she could buy three warships, which she had painted black with red sails. Under Jeanne’s command the ‘Black Fleet’ raided the English Channel for the next 13 years, destroying any French warships they came across. Each time Jeanne had the crew slaughtered, save for one or two French sailors which she sent back to the French king to let him know what she had done.

While an independent privateer, Jeanne formed an alliance of convenience with the English and helped to keep supplies available to the English forces for the Battle of Crécy in 1346. Even after Philip VI died in 1350, Jeanne continued to wreak havoc on French shipping. She made a point of targeting ships carrying French noblemen, which she boarded so that she could personally behead the aristocrats with her axe. 

In 1356, Jeanne retired from piracy and married an English lieutenant. She later returned to France, where she died in 1359.


The ruling royal couples and the heir apparents of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, & The United Kingdom, with their signatures.

  • King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, and Crown Prince Daniel of Sweden.
  • King Harald V, Queen Sonja, Crown Prince Haakon, and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway.
  • Queen Margrethe II, Crown Prince Frederik, and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.
  • King Felipe VI, Queen Letizia, and Leonor, Princess of Asturias, of Spain.
  • Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Charles, the Prince of Wales, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall/Rothesay of The United Kingdom.
GTA VI confirmed

“First things first: GTA VI is in development.That this information already seems certain is not self-evident. After all, developer Rockstar had frequently profiled in the past by a cautious communication policy. With GTA 6, this seems to be changing. Rockstar Chef Leslie Benzies already confirmed in February in an interview that they were working on the sequel. According to Benzies the development team have developed some initial concepts, which would now be incorporated into the development of Grand Theft Auto 6: “We have about 45 years of ideas that we would like to implement. We do not yet know what will be included in GTA 6, but we have lots of ideas. One of them would be to bring Trevor Philips from GTA V back.”,he said. GTA 6 could be about Trevor’s past. The location of GTA VI would be the canadian border region and Trevor is the only protagonist. Then you could actually see how Trevor met Wade Hebert,Michael De Santa and various other characters. It would be a whole new game experience while learning a lot about the past members of GTA V . I think it would be a really good idea ..


The closest family of Mary I of England

1. Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon - The Catholic Monarchs

2. Katherine of Aragon and Henry VIII of England

3. Elizabeth of York and Henry VII of England 

4. Elizabeth I of England

5. Edward VI of England

6. Philip II of Spain


history meme: 03/06 women | Jeanne de Clisson or de Belleville, La Tigresse Bretonne

Jeanne de Clisson, born into an affluent French family in 1300, spent most of her life as a noblewoman. In 1330 she married Olivier de Clisson (a marriage of love) who was an important Breton noble that spent years in service defending Brittany against the English.
When the Duke of Brittany died with no male heir in 1341, both King Edward III of England and Phillip VI of France saw an opportunity to take the land. Olivier served the French in defending Brittany from the English. But the French authorities began to doubt his loyalty. Rumours spread that Olivier had defected to the English side.
King Philip VI and his nephew Charles de Blois, had Olivier captured and tried with treason. In 1343, he was executed by beheading . Olivier’s head was then sent to Nantes and displayed on a pole outside the castle of Bouffay.
Jeanne took her two young sons to Nantes, to show them the head of their father at the Sauvetout gate. Enraged and bewildered over her husband’s execution, she swore vengeance against the King and his nephew. The first thing Jeanne de Clisson did was to sell off her lands and raise a small force of loyal men with whom she attacked pro-French forces in Brittany. When her situation became too dangerous on land, she purchased three warships and took to the seas.
She had her ships painted black and dyed their sails red to intimidate her enemy, earning the title “The Black Fleet”. Her main ship was named Ma Vengeance -My Revenge. The Black Fleet patrolled the English Channel for French ships, especially those owned by King Phillip and members of the French nobility. Her crews, as merciless under her orders as she was herself, would kill entire crews, leaving only one or two alive to carry news to the king that she had struck again. This earned Jeanne the epithet, “The Lioness of Brittany”, reviled as a monster by some, praised as a heroine by others.
In her efforts to keep the English Channel completely free of French ships, she formed an alliance with the English, laundering supplies to their soldiers for battles. She continued her work as a pirate even after the death of her enemy, King Philip VI, in 1350.
Jeanne de Clisson fought as a pirate for thirteen years. Her quest for revenge ended when Jeanne found love in English noble Sir Walter Brentley, who had been King Edward III’s lieutenant. She married him in 1356 and settled into a quiet life in the Castle of Hennebont in France, which was a territory of her allies.

fancast : Alicia Vikander as Jeanne.

H E R B S T S O N A T E  

{i felt and saw the night outside deep within me. wind and wetness, autumn, bitter smell of foliage, scattered leaves of the elm tree.}

i. magpie - the unthanks // ii. wild go - dark dark dark // iii. night after night - laura marling // iv. wind in the wires - patrick wolf // v. metamorphosis five - philip glass // vi. blood i bled - the staves // vii. familiar - agnes obel // viii. the dead waltz - radical face // ix. bad seed - jenny dalton // x. a forest - bat for lashes // xi. the gravel road - james howard newton



See Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Marry Queen Elizabeth in Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

Female Pirates: Jeanne de Clisson, ‘The Lioness of Brittany’

Jeanne de Clisson’s tale is one of tragedy, revenge and the showmanship. As the wife of Olivier III de Clisson, Jeanne was a happily married mother of five, and a lady of Brittany, France. But when land wars between England and France led to her husband being charged with treason and punished with decapitation, she swore revenge on the France’s King Philip VI.

The widowed de Clisson sold all of her land to buy three warships, which she dubbed her Black Fleet. These were painted black, draped with blood red sails, and crewed with merciless privateers. From 1343-1356, the Lioness of Brittany sailed the English Channel, capturing the French King’s ships, cutting down his crew, and beheading with an axe any aristocrat who had the misfortune to be onboard. Remarkably, despite all her theft and bloodshed, de Clisson retired quietly. She even remarried, settling down with English lieutenant Sir Walter Bentley.

Believed to have died in 1359, some say she has since returned to de Clisson Castle in Brittany, where her grey ghost walks the halls.

[with Natalie Dormer as Jeanne de Clisson]


The current reigning royal couples of Europe and their signatures.

  • King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden
  • King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain
  • King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway
  • Albert II and Charlene, Prince and Princess of Monaco
  • Hans-Adam II and Marie, Prince and Princess of Liechtenstein
  • Grand Duke Henri and Duchess Maria Theresa of Luxembourg
  • Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of the United Kingdoms
  • Queen Margrethe II of Denmark
  • King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of The Netherlands
  • King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium