philip tho

first real phil drawing, this took so long!! art cannot capture the true beauty of this man!! i love him!!

what if instead of trying to defend his family’s name philip just went into an emo phase after the affair. george eacker says a bunch of shit about his dad and he’s just like “whatever” and flips his long-ass bangs


Philip Shea in every episode  ·  1.04 Crème Brulée

I miss my mom. I know she’s messed up right now, but I swear she is a good person. When I told her about me, the first thing she asked me was if I had a…a boyfriend who was nice to me.
           Do you?
 Are you kidding me? No, even if somebody out here did like me, they would never admit it.

“I’m running out of time”

Collab with @insomia–art, my sister !!
Credit to all artist in this, if we misplaced any name, please tell us!!
Artist (in order)– @lauwurens, @allisonmcoon, @mortefran, @mechabunnie, @alieryn, @bambzilla, @semigiantjimmy, @atomicprinceling, @triapop, and @lexiarts
Some artist are mentioned more than once.

“I told you it’s only gonna get worse if you keep it a secret. It’s not just gonna go away, it doesn’t work like that.”

(I binge watched Eyewitness the other day, and so I have a lot of feelings about it. Have a quick pencil sketch of Philip Shea, because he must be protected at all costs.)

more art and photography

When I hear a Hamilton song

In an Ariel voice i want moOOOREEEEE