philip the 2nd


designers worn by princess madeleine: elie saab

june 7th, 2013: pre wedding dinner before her wedding to christopher o’neill

june 13th, 2015: wedding of prince carl philip to miss sofia hellqvist

april 30th, 2016: king carl xvi gustaf’s 70th birthday gala dinner

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A Strange Celtic Coin Illustrating Zeus Without A Chin

This is a 2nd century BC silver tetradrachm from the central Carpathian region in Eastern Europe, imitating the coins of Philip II of Macedon. This particular type is called a Kinnlos (chinless) type. The obverse shows a peculiar Celticized head of Zeus without a chin while the reverse shows a Celticized horseman.

The issues of Philip II of Macedon were one of the primary coinages circulating in the Thraco-Macedonian region from the late 4th century BC. It was such an integral coinage to the area that official Macedonian issues of Philip II type continued for decades after his death in 336 BC. Naturally, this coinage was imitated by various tribes in the Danube region, probably to facilitate trade with cities where the type was a recognized medium of exchange, down to the first century BC. The earliest types were reasonably faithful copies of the obverse and reverse types, but over time the various tribes “morphed” them, often into abstract designs that only vaguely resembled the originals, such as this oddly amusing chinless Zeus coin.

Hamilton Fact #1

You may have heard Philip’s one line in his first rap that says “I have a sister, but I want a little brother.” 

Whoah, hold up… what?

You may have kinda been oblivious to this lyric and what it meant like I was until recently, but indeed, Alexander and Eliza had a daughter: Angelica Hamilton, born September 25th, 1784. 

So, here are the Hamilton children, listed from oldest to youngest with their birthdays:

1. Philip (January 22nd, 1782)

2. Angelica (September 25th, 1784)

3. Alexander (May 16th, 1786)

4. James Alexander (April 14th, 1788)

5. John Church (August 22nd, 1792)

6. William Stephan (August 4th 1797)

7. Eliza (November 26th, 1799)

8. Philip (June 2nd, 1902 - after the Philip featured in the musical died in the duel)

Wedding Masterlist

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Summary: “You are cordially invited to the wedding of Daniel James Howell & Philip Michael Lester on February 2nd 2022 2016.”

Or the five times where Dan and Phil broke the internet.

Genre: fluff what else do you expect from me tbh

Warning: swearing

Words: 1, 761 words

A/N: after a month I finally did a sequel for lester ya’ll lads had been begging for. I also would like to give a hug thanks for the 1.3k that goddamn fic I can’t believe. Also ty bc im at almost at 4k im cri. s/o to cafephan for being a meme.


“Okay so how would you want to do it?” Phil queried as he set up the camera whilst Dan is propping the light.

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