philip quirk

Just Relax

Short little sick fic for philkas week day one. I know we had one already but I started this a couple days ago and just finished it and figured I’d post it anyway. Enjoy!

Rating: G
Words: 1661
Prompt: Domestic

“I don’t like leaving you alone like this,” Helen says, standing in the doorway. Philip meets Gabe’s eyes and it’s clear he knows, too clear, but neither one of them say anything.

Philip’s head feels like it’s two times its normal size and he can’t breathe through his nose anymore at all. Every time he swallows there’s a terrible, thick pinch at the back of his throat and all he wants to do is sleep and not wake up until he doesn’t feel like this anymore. But Lukas’s text is looming at the forefront of his thoughts, where the headache is beating painfully. I’m coming over to take care of you. It isn’t exactly like they’re planning on doing anything, like Gabe might be thinking. Philip isn’t even sure he’d be capable of moving, let alone anything else.

“I’ll be okay,” Philip says, shifting against his pillow and breathing a little hard through his mouth. “I’m probably just gonna pass out.”

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