philip quirk



was written for the phandom little pop
Drabbler: @wiinterberries
Doodler: @pinofs

my fave has outdone himself; you can find the amazing art for this fic here, and you need to go and take a look because it’s perfect. it’s honestly. perfect. CLICK!

Word Count: 2,036
Rating: T
Genres: fluff
Warnings: language

Synopsis: punk!phil asks pastel!dan to the university’s winter ball. Cue choice words, near-misses in the library, and Dan dragging Phil to a florist.

“Daniel James Howell… will you go to the winter ball with me?”

Dan turned to look at his boyfriend with an unamused eyebrow quirk.

“Philip Michael Lester… if you use my full name again, I will cut your throat while you sleep.”

“Is that a yes?”

“What do you think? You spoon.”

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