philip marlow

Strange Behavior

Riverdale Fanfiction 

Pairing: Betty x Jughead

Word Count: 1,811

Summary: Betty has been acting strange lately, and her friends are finally starting to notice. Will they figure out that something is going on between her and Jughead? Or will the kiss that they shared remain a secret? 

A/N: This was basically just my way of getting my feet wet with writing these characters, so there’s not a ton of Bughead interaction, but I think what they do have in this is pretty cute. Plus the whole thing is about their relationship, so there’s that haha. Also, you can place this into the canon storyline at this point, or not, it’s up to you. I guess it works either way lol. 

Betty swirled her straw around in her strawberry milkshake, unable to stop her lips from curling into a faint smile as her friends carried on a conversation in their regular booth at Pop’s. 

“What do you think, Archiekins? Should I go for the full-on Like a Virgin Madonna look for the dance, or stick to the sultry, Vogue ensemble she wears in the music video that we all know I could pull off in such a big way? You all know the one.” Veronica leaned forward to take a sip from her double chocolate milkshake, a confident smirk twitching upwards as her lips met the straw.

“Totally,” Kevin chimed in from his seat next to Betty, nodding his head in admiration as he squirted ketchup onto his plate of fries.

“Ronnie, isn’t that more of a “Betty” sort of question?” Archie wriggled uncomfortably next to Veronica, looking hopelessly clueless as he tried to meet Betty’s gaze for any sort of assistance. “I’m probably not much help in that department.” 

“Actually, that’s more of a Kevin question,” Kevin corrected him, propping his arms on the table and leaning across the table towards Veronica. “And I totally agree with you pulling off that Vogue lace top, although we might have to make the sheer part of it a little less sheer for school if you know what I mean. What do you think Betty?”

Betty heard her name being called, but all she could think about was Jughead’s hands on her face and the way his lips felt against hers. Her whole body tingled at the thought of it, making her faint smile evolve into a full on grin.

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"Farewell, My Teddy"

Kukalaka has gone missing… again. With Leeta cleared as a suspect, Dr. Bashir is baffled and desperate. He hires Odo to track down beloved bear. Seeing as it’s an exceptionally slow week in security, Odo accepts the case. What follows is Film Noir drama a la “Philip Marlow.” As Odo rounds up the usual suspects (i.e. Quark) and puts the squeeze on ‘em, he has runs in with a gang of disreputable Andorians, a reclusive Betazoid millionaire, and a Romulan Femme Fatale, all of whom seem intent of keeping the detective from his quarry. Will Odo survive the ordeal? Will the good doctor ever be reunited with his bear? The case is sloved, why is Quark still in holding??? All these questions and more will be answered in “Farewell, My Teddy.”

do u ever like sit back and look at your characters and your written milieu and realize that, subconsciously, you really REALLY fucking love one genre/style and like. model so much of your RP and characters and writing after that genre/style without thinking about it to the point that’s embarrassing. because holy shit i love crime movies/shows/books too much

the feeling when u realize a fictional character is your character’s spirit animal