philip lim bag


Whenever I have some major life event–like turning 30 or leaving my house on a Friday night–I try to wear make-up. I suppose I just think pictures might happen and that make-up will make me look better, since we’re all programmed to believe that’s what it’s for. I usually always regret it when I see the photo evidence tho. You should just stick to what you know. For me that’s lip balm and tinted foundation. Otherwise, you risk having all of your pivotal life moments captured on film while looking like a vampire with a blow-out…and…a Gucci scarf?


photo and birthday dinner by amodels-husband xx

Currently wearing H&M shoes and jacket, paired with hot-topic Iron Maiden band tee. Lastly I finished the look with my Philip Lim for target bag !

Name: Phalia
Location: Mi
Age: 19
Submitted by: @exoticlush
Photographed by: Zina