philip lester

What every fan who meets Dan and Phil should do
  • Fan:*hugs Dan AND Phil*
  • Fan:*tells Dan AND Phil how amazing they are*
  • Fan:*doesn't tell Dan and Phil how amazing Phan is but thinks about it in their head instead*
  • Fan:*is nice af bc THAT'S how Dan and Phil want us to be*
  • Fan:*doesn't make Dan and Phil uncomfortable in any way*

when dan looks at phil longer than usual

he’s not thinking about “phan”

when dan concentrates on what phil is saying

he’s not thinking about “phan”

when dan bites his lip after looking at phils adams apple

he’s not thinking about “phan”

and when dan laughs quietly at phils dorky jokes and puns

he’s not thinking about “phan”

he’s thinking about phil

everything is phil

the world could be crashing down

but if he’s with phil

he’s going to spend his thoughts on philip goddamn michael lester

and why wouldn’t he

dan never tries to make the “phandom” happy

he, himself is just happier being with amazingphil

and he can’t hide that

and he shouldn’t have to

so, if you think it’s platonic


or just an act

they are soulmates

and sure it leaves the phandom freaking out 

but they didn’t set out for that

they do it because that’s just the way they behave around eachother

and i’m happy that they’re happy