philip is judging you

pumpkin, cheddar and taffy

Lukas is sitting on the couch with Philip’s feet in his lap when his phone starts ringing. He briefly looks at Philip, narrowing his eyes, and for a small moment he has no idea who might be calling him. It’s got to be some kind of spam shit, because he literally just got off the phone with his dad, and if Helen and Gabe wanted to do some kind of secret surprise for Philip, they’d text or email. 

He sees the name ANGELA flashing on his phone. 

“Oh hey!” he says. “It’s the nice girl from the subway!”

“Oh cool!” Philip says. “Answer!”

“Right, right,” Lukas says, fumbling to press the right button before the call drops. “Hello?”

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Undercover? With Him? {Part 2}

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You and Peter have a slight grudge against each other and when you are assigned to go undercover as a engaged couple, you have to get over your differences.

Word Count: 777

A/N: Thank you for all the positive feedback for part 1. 

Warnings: Nothing. Well, HAMILTON but nothing else. 


Part 1

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