philip frank

Me: *watching season 1 of Shameless* I cannot believe anyone on this website sees any redeeming qualities in Mickey Milkovich

Me: *Watching Season 3 of Shameless* Holy shit Mickey Milkovich 10/10, the greatest, 100% a saint


Top 10 Cruel Monarchs (or with Black legend)

rough draft of my youtuber alignment chart

from left to right, top to bottom:

Chadtronic, NFKRZ, Philip DeFranco, I Hate Everything, Jontron

H3, Sky Williams, Shoe0nHead, Pyrocynical, PewDiePie

Game Grumps, Chris Ray Gun, Scarce, Idubbbz, Filthy Frank (specifically pinkguy)

Tana Mongeau, Blaire White, Zoie Burgher, Zaptie, Keemstar

LtCorbis, GradeAUnderA, FouseyTUBE, LeafyIsHere, RiceGum


-Glass house in New Canaan, US by Philip Johnson 

-Falling water house in US by Frank Lloyd Wright 

-Farnsworth house in US by Mies Van Der Rohe

-Charles Eames in California, US by Charles and Ray Eames

-Esherick House in Philadelphia, US by Louis Kahn

-Villa Savoye in Poissy, France by Le Corbusier

does youtube not realize that all of the videos they now won’t monetize means that they’re going to lose a shitload of money? almost every youtuber with 1 mil+ subs breaks at least one of those new rules so the videos with the most traffic won’t make them any money