philip frank


oh my god why is Michael such a horrible trash compactor of terrible decisions and negative feelings?? UGH! MICHAEL EVERYTHING IS YOUR FAULT

I drew this comic literally years ago except for ONE panel of Michael, and never bothered to finish it until now, lol. The work is kind of stale by my current standards now, but I love??? Pablo Neruda?????? his poetry is the most cutting??? If you aren’t familiar with his work and enjoy feeling every horrible and glorious feeling, look that dude up! This shining endorsement for this amazing master poet is commin at you from a sourpuss cave troll who Doesn’t Even Like Poetry, so, take that as you will.

PS: hello GTAV fandom it is me, Julia, still alive and well! Soon I’ll be launching into a brand new printed north yankton zine project (!!!) and so! Digging up this little old moody oneshot again seemed timely.

Me: *watching season 1 of Shameless* I cannot believe anyone on this website sees any redeeming qualities in Mickey Milkovich

Me: *Watching Season 3 of Shameless* Holy shit Mickey Milkovich 10/10, the greatest, 100% a saint


Top 10 Cruel Monarchs (or with Black legend)

The story about how I spoiler shameless to myself

They told me not to look hashtag in Tumblr until I watch all episodes of this tv show, but I didn’t hear anything… Now, my heart is broken and lying under my bed. I become to behave myself as some characters in sitcoms, that fell in the depression. I’m laying in the bed, eating ice cream with big spoon, sometimes crying and refusing to watch shameless.