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Travelers aka holy crap that’s good and where the hell can I find season 2?! And a fandom?! I need fanfics! :D

Philip Pearson (played by lovely Reilly Dolman) from the new TV show Travelers made by Netflix and Showcase. In case you haven’t seen it go. Watch. It. Now. Right now. At this moment. Please. 

Photoshop CS6, 2 and half hours. Brushes made by psdelux and Grzegorz Rutkowski. 

SPEEDPAINT with additional info here.

Art by Corisan

philus-bean  asked:

So I saw your star Laurens(wonderful art btw) and I got the idea that Philip would be the Sun, referencing to the lyrics in Dear Theodosia "Philip you outshine the morning sun". Just an idea I thought I'd share!


ok but this was a really cool idea oml i’m in love with it

more of this AU

I’m still so emotional over the first kiss between Philip and Lukas. Because Lukas had just hurt Philip, and Philip was certain he’d been reading into everything between them thus far. He starts pouting, he was about to leave, actually and then Lukas pulls him back down to sit. He clutches his leather jacket despite how hard it is to grab onto real, thick leather.

And Lukas slowly leans in to kiss him. But the kiss is quick and small. Less of a kiss and more a “no, don’t leave. stay with me because I like you too.” It’s not the desperate kissing we see later, it’s a kiss that’s barely there, less than a second.

And it’s such a beautiful introduction to everything that unfolds. Everything started with that first kiss. Everything that followed from Lukas held the same message:

“Stay here, with me.”