philip and stephanie


The wedding of Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg & Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy


Books read in 2016: Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly

‘I promise you won’t have to do anything more than just come with me.’
‘But I don’t understand what you want from me.’
‘I need a look at this Schell guy, and since I clearly have the wrong plumbing …’
he said. ‘How good are your improv skills?’ 

Digby marched up to the receptionist. ‘Hello. My girlfriend and I are going to have sex and we need to ask Dr Schell about birth control.’
I almost died. The look the receptionist gave us reminded me of when Grandma called her neighbor a dirty bird for peeing in the hydrangeas. Actually, the entire waiting room of women was giving us that look.

‘Well, there’s been a cancelation and I can squeeze you in for a fifteen-minute consultation. But only a consultation – no procedures,’ the receptionist said.
‘We won’t take long,’ Digby said. ‘We got the basics in Health. Just want to confirm some details with an expert … can’t believe everything on the interwebs, amiright?’
The receptionist frowned at me. Why me?