philip adrian wright

DO THE DARE: I’ve made a promise to myself that I will start posting more album covers. When I initially started the blog I did post a lot of them but seemed to have forgotten to do so recently. The current set that I am listening to non-stop is The Human League’s 1981 classic ‘Dare’. The album cover itself, seen here is nearly as intriguing as the music itself. Modeled after Vogue covers, it features a tight, androgynous close-up of Philip Oakey (Sulley and Catherall were on the gatefold), offset by a white backdrop, punctuated only by the band name and album title above. What interests me most about the cover though is not so much the image itself but the thought that went behind what Philip Adrian Wright and Ken Ansell helped to design. Sulley explained that the group wanted people to be able to buy the album years later without having to look at a dated depiction of hair and make-up. Hence why the photographs are so close-up. Well it’s certainly an idea that panned out for them. The cover and album artwork still looks clean and impressive to this day.