This is actually one of my AUs called Minis. The Minis display your true emotions, even if you reject it. This is particularly annoying for Dwight and Jake because they’re trying to be low key while heir Minis are hugging, cuddling, and giving small kisses to each other. Mini!Wraith is always bugging Mini!Dwight to lure out Mini!Jake, since Wraith is a huge fan of Dwake.

Everyone is freaking out because Dan and Phil didn’t leave when they said they left for Vidcon and i’m just over here dying thinking about how Dan and Phil are going to explain all this drama in their liveshows when they come back Edit: I posted this like 4 hours before the idiots explained what happened so like !!!



Let’s hope Youtube doesn’t strike this video down since it took me some hella times to cut all the scenes. 

I’ve been missing Philkas a lot, so I just got up from my bed and did something.