German Phandom!!

I have two tickets for Interactive Introverts in Berlin, for the show on 9th of June.

The tickets are 2nd category, bought them for 74€ each, so I’d like to sell them for about the same price.

They’re completely legit, I can send a photo before the transaction and after I received the price I’ll send them to you


An Angel in Hell (or the front office)

AO3 Link 

Summary: “Dan?” Phil questioned and Dan’s snapped out of his fantasy, turning a deep shade of scarlet as he realised he had been caught staring.
“P-pardon, sorry?” He stammered and Phil smirked slightly, cheeks still heavily flushed but more relaxed than before.Also known as
The teacher and receptionist au series that literally nobody wanted but I’m writing anyway

Author’s Notes: Welcome! To this crazy series that I basically started for self indulgent purposes (I wanted to write fluff damn it!) and decided to post it anyway.
It’s going to be completely out of order so welcome to the crazy journey of teacher dan, who literally just wants to kiss the cute receptionist (guess who) phil. So I hope you enjoy the first story in this series, please let me know what you think!

I would adore to receive requests for this series because seriously I’m not smart enough to come up with enough ideas on my own so if you have something you want to happen in this universe please please please please (I’m so annoying) PLEASE send in a request it would make my day!

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The phandom rn

People who will go to the show:

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People who don’t know if their parents will let them go to the show:

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People who won’t go to the show:

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People outside of the phandom:

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Let’s hope Youtube doesn’t strike this video down since it took me some hella times to cut all the scenes. 

I’ve been missing Philkas a lot, so I just got up from my bed and did something. 

Everyone is freaking out because Dan and Phil didn’t leave when they said they left for Vidcon and i’m just over here dying thinking about how Dan and Phil are going to explain all this drama in their liveshows when they come back Edit: I posted this like 4 hours before the idiots explained what happened so like !!!