Greek words for love

aka different types of love as presented in Yuri on Ice.

Agape, it is the God-like, self-sacrificing, unconditional love

Agape means to put someone’s happiness before yours.

Agape, it’s Yuuri asking Victor to just stay who he is.

Agape, it’s Victor wishing Yuuri to never retire.

Agape feels like making for someone katsudon pirozhki and like giving your own pirozhki to the person who needs them more at the moment.

When Isabella cheers on JJ after his GPF short program this is what agape is. 

Eros, it is the romantic, sensual, passionate love. 

Eros means to be so full of life and love in someone’s presence.

Eros, it’s Victor asking Yuuri to seduce him with everything he has.

Eros, it’s Yuuri dancing and stealing Victor’s breath away.

Eros feels like always surprising each other and like kissing that one beautiful human being here and now.

When they pair-skating with the person they want to stay close to this is what eros is. 

Philio, it is the love shared between friends and tender affection.

Philio means to enjoy just having tea with someone.

Philio, it’s Yuuri wanting Yuuko to watch the program he prepared.

Philio, it’s Victor and Chris messing around at a pool (in December).

Philio feels like shouting davai! and like showing thumbs up for each other.

When Phichit comes into the room this is what philio is.

Storge, it is the love of belonging, shared among family members.

Storge means to know the home is when this person is.

Storge, it’s Victor hugging specific people when he needs help.

Storge, it’s Yuuri’s family always waiting there for him.

Storge feels like coming home after five years abroad and like eating your favourite homemade dish.

When Yurio clings to his grandfather the moment he sees him this is what storge is.

Inspired by #yoiweek2017 prompt:

January 10 || Day 4: The Inferno

Option C: Anything focusing on emotions.

And I know there is much more examples, just you know, aesthetic. This show is basically called love on ice so… Yeah, there’s much more than this.

Bonus: philautia, it is the narcissistic love, the self-love.

It’s just Chris coming on ice, king JJ theme playing in the background, basically, this is what philautia is, please don’t.

anonymous asked:

what are your thoughts on people who say the greco-roman gods don't care about humans and are selfish beings? how would you argue against that?

I think that they are sadly misinformed.

I understand how they could come to that conclusion, and it probably doesn’t help that our community on here doesn’t really give the same time and energy to analyzing and discussing how the Theoi are good and kind and generous towards mortals that we do towards some other topics within Hellenism. It’s a position that has been presented by media, and kind of sensationalized to the point where even in stories about the Theoi you see Them being presented as cruel and selfish. One of the base ideas within Hellenism is that we give thanks to the Theoi for good things happening to us, because it is Their doing.

Some of my favorite evidence for the generosity and caring natures of the Theoi is cultic epithets, titles used in actual worship by actual followers of the Theoi in ancient Greece. They have such loving and reverent names for the Theoi, that it really shows just how much they loved the Theoi and felt that the Theoi loved them.

For example, Zeus is known as Theos Agathos, the Good God. Also as Epidôtês, Giver of Good. Philios, of Friendship. Apêmios, Averter of Ills. Sôtêr, Savior. Meilikhios, Gracious.

The Orphic hymn to Zeus shows such affection too:

O Jove much-honor’d, Jove [Zeus] supremely great, to thee our holy rites we consecrate,
Our pray'rs and expiations, king divine, for all things round thy head exalted shine.
The earth is thine, and mountains swelling high, the sea profound, and all within the sky.
Saturnian [Kronion] king, descending from above, magnanimous, commanding, sceptred Jove [Zeus];
All-parent, principle and end of all, whose pow'r almighty, shakes this earthly ball;
Ev'n Nature trembles at thy mighty nod, loud-sounding, arm’d with light'ning, thund'ring God.
Source of abundance, purifying king, O various-form’d from whom all natures spring;
Propitious hear my pray'r, give blameless health, with peace divine, and necessary wealth.

And you can read through the epithets of any Theos and see the same kind of admiration in the titles They were given. 

bye (for now?)

i am really so annoyed right now i was already having the worst weekend ever then i thought “i should check my blog and reply some messages it always cheer me up” but no… there it was “the last drop” 

so apprently i am a racist yep after being on tumblr nearly 5 years finally i have been called f**** racist and because of the dumbest ( i am sorry i have to say that) reason ever!!  

I consider myself as a kind person  i try to keep my manners in any situation  i try not to be mean to anyone no matter what they told be, how they judge me i never broke anybody’s heart i always try to reply them as kind as possible and explain myself over and over again i never complained about anyone i never publicly reply any bad/rude messges (trust me i got tons of them you have no idea)   because i dont wanna  act like a victim and make someone else the target or humiliate them publicly but i dont let anyone call me a racist because this is the last thing i am i have been raised so much better than that noone have the right to make assumptions about me with the most idiotic reason ever!!!! 

so looks like this person (i wont give the name or url  i am still so much better than that) offended by  the title of one my posts and decided to message me and dare to  lecture about it. i was still planing to be calm and explain myself kindly because i thought maybe it is a  12-13 years old kid who doesnt know the difference so i shouldnt get angry but when i visit the blog i saw this person is an adult  22 yearold collage student and describe themselves as activist and saying things like “ dont come to my blog if you are like that if you believe this if you judge this etc etc… “  and i think it is the point i totally lost it what a hypocrite!!

ok so this is the post that mentioned, so i will show you my   reply  incase anyone else offended by the title of the photo and think i am a racist as this person…


“first of all “gypsophilia” is  the  title of the picture i posted which was given by the photgrapher not me and it is against the copyright laws to change it under any circumstances while sharing someoneelse’s work on my personal blog, the second and most important thing is “gypsophilia” is the scientific name of the flower on the photo The genus name is from the Greek gypsos (“gypsum”,”chalk”) and philios (“loving”), a reference to the gypsum-rich substrates on which species grow so  it has nothing to the with the “racial slur against romanii people” as u described so i hope next time you will check your facts before you go around and accuse people for being racist  and please try to read and learn something useful it is better than faking being an intellectual activist.

i am sorry my english is not great i hope i can make myself clear anyways,

thanks and i hope you’ll have a great weekend. :) ”


ok this is all i wanna say and i think i need a break from tumblr  there is so much thing going on with my life right now and i dont need the extra stress and hate  from tumblr

they already f****ed it up with new posting option - yeah i know i said i liked it just yesterday but i realised it sucks it wont let images seen on mobile devices and it doesnt even let them to be reblogged properly on computers so what is the point to post anything –  i write to tumblr staff about it so i think i wont post anything new other that what is already queued  till i get an answer even after that i am not sure  when or if i will be back   as i said i really need a break  

but before i just wanna say that 

i was a 14 year old kid when i made my first tumblr blog i knew nothingelse out of my small town and all this time i spent here i learnt about the rest of the world i realise how big and how small it is at the same time;  i met people from the countries i didnt even know exsist i learnt about their culture their believes i learnt how diffirent and how the same we are all at the same time, i iearnt how to be a “fan”  how to express my  “irrational love” on an actor or a movie or a book or  an animal or just anything without feeling weird about it because there were always other ones like me in tumblr fandoms so i felt accepted i learnt all that useless facts about anything you can name they are probably pointless but it made me feel smart to know them. i love  all our inner tumblr jokes,memes and weird discussions even others find them weird, just to knowing what a phase mean made me feel like i belong, most important of all, you make feel like my ideas are count they are important  because  there are 108340 people out there  from all around the world right now proved it by simply clicking that follow button because they care enough to listen what i say  and it is the best feeling ever

you all  ( at least most of you )  made me feel like i am part of a big, beautiful family and as all families you help me figure out who i am and you help me grow

just wanna thank you all  for everything,  

it was a great pleasure and the best adventure to meet every single one of  you .

thanks for reading <3
                                                            xxx, Heidi