philedelphia phillies

Hey. Were you at the Game Grumps Live show in Philly? Do you remember the dork with the whiteboard? Yeah. That was me.

Man, it was crazy! For those who weren’t there, here’s what happened: They played Mario Party and split the entire room with Team Donkey Kong and Team Toad. My friend and I were Team Toad. So every time there was a mini game, the picked people from the audience to play. I brought my small whiteboard and drew Toad on it and waved it up every time Team Toad won. Eventually Danny saw me and did the ‘I’m watching you’ hand motion to me. And then Arin saw me and was like “Oh shit!” And the next mini game I was chosen to come up on stage and I panicked and pushed my friend to go up, but unfortunately they  picked someone else. I’m sorry I didn’t go up there. To be honest, Team Toad would have lost if I’d gone up haha!

Anyway, after finishing Mario Party they did a Q&A for 20 minutes. Vernon eventually walked up to me and put the microphone in front of my face and I kept telling him “I don’t have a question!” But then I stood up and asked very poorly what I needed to do to get an animation accepted on their channel. I was such a nervous wreck. I was shaking really badly and kept stumbling on my words. Luckily the Grumps were patient but had to ask me to repeat my question again. Dan just sat there giving me a thumbs up the entire time. Vernon then took my whiteboard then wrote his email address. After the show, a few kind people pulled me aside and wished me luck on my animation and I told them about my last GGA. It was so nice! Thank god they were nice because I made a fool of myself during that Q&A! But yeah. It was terrifying but fun! 

One day guys. One day I will have one of my animations on their channel!

Also if you did say hi to me at the show, hello again! And thank you for being so sweet to me. It makes me proud to be a part of the Game Grumps community!