My Mulder Moment

Today I got a new laptop (hallelujah)! Well, I’m one of those many people (mostly everyone) that has all of my passwords to everything saved on their respective websites, so naturally I don’t remember any of them. I went to change my password on one of these websites and decided to go back to an old password I used back in the day because the system has probably forgotten it by now or I haven’t used it before on these new websites. This password, as just about every X-Phile out there has used, was “trustno1″ (or some variation). Well, when I hit the button to submit it, an error message popped up. My initial thought was that maybe one of the requirements is a capital letter, or maybe someone has already used it, but when I looked at the message, it said that “trustno1″ was a RESTRICTED PHRASE! I immediately shouted out GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY! (Mulder would be proud and Scully would either roll her eyes or raise her right eyebrow… or both) But like why is that a restricted phrase?


Mulder & Scully Save Christmas On Mars! Wanted to put something special together to celebrate the holiday so I “unearthed” this vintage comic book cover from Christmas’ past. Merry X-Mas, X-Philes!

Merry Christmas from the Unremarkable House! 👽💕🎄

It was my Christmas wish to see Mulder & Scully’s house in the snow. Snow is actually quite rare in this part of Canada, so chalk this one up to a holiday miracle!

I hope these photos conjure visions of Mulder & Scully snuggling next to the fire. And you know Mulder chopped their Christmas tree down right from their own damn lot, that he looked sexy af swinging that axe! 😏

Sending these pics along with a big thank you for everyone that makes this fandom great. I’m so glad to be a part of this awesome community of Philes on Tumblr. All my best wishes for a fantastic holiday season!

Happy Holidays, Tumblr!
xo Mel (& Mulder & Scully)

Novel Length Friday

Philes!  We have a feeling you’re going to hate/love us for this.  This week we are doing a  recap of the last few months to allow everyone to catch up on novel length fics, and to read anything that may have been missed.  Trust us, each one of these stories is so worth cancelling any and all plans for.  So, please, scroll through and read till your heart’s content.  

Each link provided below takes you to the original post, which contains the length, rating, trigger warnings, and a synopsis. 

Lots of love, and we will see you with something fun and fresh for Smut Sunday!

And Death Shall Have No Dominion by Jean Helms

As by Dri

Diary of the Second Holocaust by Megan Reilly

A Legacy by dlynn

Twelve Tales of Christmas by Anne Haynes

The 13th Sign by Prufrock’s Love

The Sins of the Father by MD1016

Summer’s Lease by Brandon D. Ray

All Things Bright and Beautiful by dlynn

An Alluring Indiscretion by Beduini and M. Taylor Harrison

Original Sin by Syntax6

Lost Time by Spider

Portions of Eternity by Dianora

City of Light by Bonetree

Butterflies All Tied Up by Bugs

Mesabi Ferum by Zoonr

And We Remain by Shannono

Queens Gambit by Suzanne Schramm

*Please note:  there is a post from August which contains a list of earlier novel length fics.  We can’t find it, but if you do, feel free to read those as well!

people be like: “i have separate blogs for each of my hobbies and interests”
and here i am with my blog looking like a trash can because it is full with all the trash i like and enjoy in my life

Aprons and Undershirts

At @2momsmakearight ‘s urging here’s a bit of Thanksgiving fluff. This just accidentally spiraled into a full-length story! Happy Thanksgiving fellow Philes!

Aprons and Undershirts

How had her mother done this? Scully stares at the plastic shrink-wrapped turkey newly defrosted in the dish drain. She pokes the slimy plastic with her index finger, momentarily unnerved by its wobbly similarity to all the corpses she dismantles in her day job. This is, in fact, a corpse. A turkey corpse. But none of her usual skills are going to apply.

Scully silently curses Maggie for leaving her alone for the holiday before remembering, she is the one who had turned down the offer of accompanying her to visit Bill and Tara in San Diego. So even though being alone today is her own fault, she still feels the pangs of loss. With Melissa and her father so recently gone, Thanksgiving at her mom’s would not have been the same anyway – which is probably why Maggie had wanted to get away. Their family is forever altered, so it’s time to make some different traditions. This is what she is telling herself.

Still, Scully couldn’t bear the thought of letting the day pass without the smell of turkey, stuffing, pie and potatoes permeating the house. She unearthed a cookbook someone, Melissa maybe, had given her years ago, from the back of the cabinet. Her plan is to follow the instructions for the Complete Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner, but scale everything down to the size of her own single appetite and the leftover space of her freezer.

She had braved the frantic grocery store mobs at 6 pm Wednesday evening on her way home. The roads were packed with government workers trying to make last-minute flights or scurrying toward the interstates for long drives home. The city was emptying out, and the halls of the Hoover building had been deserted by mid afternoon. Down in the basement, Scully had lost track of time finishing reports and research for a monograph she had due to a forensics journal. Mulder had been away from the office working on a profile for Violent Crimes for a few days, so when she flicked off the lights and locked the door a few minutes after 5, she knew she wouldn’t see him until Monday at least. She paused and glanced over the messy pile of X Files and sloppy handwritten notes littering his desk as if these were the man himself, Happy Thanksgiving, Mulder, she muttered, a wistful smile passing over her face.

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