-a lot of hellos
-the check out lady
-philectric boy
-he bought some milk
-his new video
-his tamagotchi
-he bought a new tamagotchi a few weeks ago
-“a dan and phil cyber pet/tamagotchi”
- #phanagotchi OMG PHIL :D
-his owl jumper
-“we have a child”
It’s name is susan 3
-his fist work experience was as a vet
-his favourite videos to make where the draw my life,punk edits,tour of my brain
-“every collab is fun because you get to hang out with people”
-Dil will be returning soon
-“that game has arrived”
-> new gaming video soon
-he likes to collab with Louise
-there MAY BE an easter baking video
-phil’s dream about dan putting their cat in the oven ?!
-he didn’t see the eclipse
-Fan Wars
-thunder and lightning
-lessons with Phil
-the dress………
-answering some questions
-he’ll play shelter 2 next week
-phil cried at the Lost finale
-the walking dead
-aw if he watches a sad movie he’s not afraid to cry
-he used to write poems as a child. He had a poem book
-his dvd’s in the background
-selfpromo at the end
-lot’s of good byes

This was a good catch up! :) what to you guys think of the younow? He seemed a bit stressed at the end..idk :) let me know! xx

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