I know, this has probably been done before, but I couldn’t help myself after hearing this song on Lucifer. It fits Philinda perfectly.


I love this episode. Especially this scene.

I have been waiting for another Father-Son scene between Phil and Fitz. And this episode, for me at least, provided me with one.

The scene initially started with Phil a little upset when Fitz hid the truth about Aida. Then, it turned out that Fitz has been feeling pretty worried about the whereabouts of Jemma. He became mad, and exploded, sharing his angst and disappointment regarding Phil’s decision to leave the Directorship (because Jemma wouldn’t be in an unknown situation if Phil is the one calling the shots!).

Anyway, my most fave part of this scene is when Phil just leaned on Fitz to calm him, and assure him that it’ll be alright (see the bottom rightmost picture). Fitz not having his biological father anymore, but this is where I know he is the real Son of Coul (and May)! HA!

That for me, is the true meaning of “FATHER’S LOVE”.

philcoulson-redtapeninja  asked:

Hi! I've just been diagnosed with hEDS and POTS and I was really really hoping you could give me tips for dealing with the two. Brain fog and dizziness makes it really hard to get to classes.

Okay so I’ve been avoiding this one a little, but I’m not here for false displays of having it together, so I’ll be totally honest and say that I’ve also found it incredibly hard to get to classes lately.

The biggest - and hardest - thing to grasp is to not be too hard on yourself. As someone who got chronically ill during uni, there’s a huge difference in fatigue but also in cognitive function. You’re not actually on the same plane as your able bodied classmates, you have a lot more barriers to overcome for your grades.

Schooling systems give the impression that grades are intrinsically based on how hard you try, and people who get good grades are groomed to believe it’s because they tried harder. That is absolutely not the case for spoonies (and many other groups, but I’ll stay on track!).

It is HARD. It is really hard to get yourself to class. So go, pay as much attention as you can, switch your schedule if you need to, review/rewatch content as much as you need to, and just be kind to yourself.

And if you want to ugly cry at 2am over the compassion of someone who gets it, I’d recommend Amy Cuddy’s TED talk “your body language shapes who you are”. She suffered a brain injury which resulted in an IQ drop of almost 30 points. She was never supposed to finish her undergraduate. She now holds a PhD.