for robins and batgirls, for young avengers, for teen titans, for runaways and gifted youngsters



i. teenagers||my chemical romance
ii. we are young||fun(ft.janelle monae)
iii. white teeth teens||lorde
iv. young volcanoes||fall out boy
v. a better son/daughter||rilo kiley
vi. glory and gore||lorde
vii. wake me up||avicii
viii. young legends||sleigh bells
ix. carry on||fun
x. the phoenix||fall out boy
xi. the fighter||gym class heroes(ft.ryan tedder)


“The Red Line Report, an independent scouting service, was particularly harsh, ranking Benn among the five slowest players in the draft.

‘We’re not sure if he’s really that slow, or he just refuses to move,’ Red Line Report said in its 2007 Draft Guide. 

They didn’t even list him among its top 300 players eligible for the draft.”

Congratulations on winning the art ross Jamie!

"i ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders" by Emily

Hi everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend at BiteCon or following along vicariously like myself! Looks like it was lots of fun! Well, Monday is here again and today we are featuring a piece by Emily entitled, “i ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders”.

Firstly, we have heard so many compliments on the title! Everyone loves it and all that it represents, especially with these three.  The art itself is obviously also fabulous. It’s a fantastic piece and we love having it in our gallery! Definitely a piece that everyone goes in for for a closer look.

Thank you, Emily!  We love your piece and hope that you continue to make awesome art for all to enjoy!

See you next week for a new piece of TW fan art! For all our previous pieces, click here.