I love this episode. Especially this scene.

I have been waiting for another Father-Son scene between Phil and Fitz. And this episode, for me at least, provided me with one.

The scene initially started with Phil a little upset when Fitz hid the truth about Aida. Then, it turned out that Fitz has been feeling pretty worried about the whereabouts of Jemma. He became mad, and exploded, sharing his angst and disappointment regarding Phil’s decision to leave the Directorship (because Jemma wouldn’t be in an unknown situation if Phil is the one calling the shots!).

Anyway, my most fave part of this scene is when Phil just leaned on Fitz to calm him, and assure him that it’ll be alright (see the bottom rightmost picture). Fitz not having his biological father anymore, but this is where I know he is the real Son of Coul (and May)! HA!

That for me, is the true meaning of “FATHER’S LOVE”.

saader  asked:

OKAY OKAY cullen/inquisitor modern AU with cullen as recovering vet who's finally going to college and the inquisitor as the fiesty college sophomore who doesn't give 3 fucks about the fact that he's 10 years her senior

“I think we should have sex.” She says the words so casually and easily that for am oment he’s pretty sure she’s just trying to get his ateention becuase she thinks he’s zoned out during their study group.

Which was true but hardly the point. 

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kynanleeore  asked:

YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS. Cullen/Inquisitor - blasphemy (take that how you will)

extremely blasphemous, nc17 you have been warned

It was because she was laughing, and Cullen decided he had to kiss and taste that unbridled happiness, even with the stone, solemn eyes of Andraste watching him. Maker help him, but he was a weak, weak man, a sinful one.

And as her arms looped over his neck, sigh passing her lips and into his mouth—an unrepentant one as well.

“Door,” Saoirse said between pressing hungry, open-mouth kisses to the corner of his lips.

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bad faith - a suits inspired fanmix  - l i s t e n -

gold on the ceiling the black keys // stompa -serena ryder// walk -kyla la grange// get some - lykke li// future starts slow - the kills// do i wanna know? - the arctic monkeys //are you gonna be my girl - jet// don’t stop (color on the walls) - foster the people// why’d you only call me when you’re high? - arctic monkeys// like the wind - nonono// honest - the neighbourhood// everybody loves me - onerepublic// royals - saints of valory// pumped up kicks - foster the people // stone in my heart - graffiti6// my body - young the giant// fever - the black keys 


“The Red Line Report, an independent scouting service, was particularly harsh, ranking Benn among the five slowest players in the draft.

‘We’re not sure if he’s really that slow, or he just refuses to move,’ Red Line Report said in its 2007 Draft Guide. 

They didn’t even list him among its top 300 players eligible for the draft.”

Congratulations on winning the art ross Jamie!