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What are your tumblr crushes?

They currently are:

Tumblr Crushes:

A Game of Tags (tagged by hurricanerich)

Rule 1: Post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions set by the person that tagged you and then ask your own 11 questions.

Rule 3: Tag 6 peeps.

Rule 4: Let them know that you tagged ‘em

Here are the questions:

1. What would you do if you won the lottery?

Buy my way through college, and buy stock from Shell. (you don’t spend $5billion digging through snow unless you know something that the public’s unaware of, I mean come on.)

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I’ve always loved Venice, Italy, also I hate cars, and cars aren’t aloud on the island.

3. Tina Fey or Kathy Griffin?

I can’t choose, Tina…no wait Kathy…no it’s Tina.

4. Daytime or nighttime?

Almost always nighttime, but recently it’s starting to change to daytime.

5. Do you ever regret having joined Tumblr?

Sometimes I regret it because of the massive time suck, but I love the people that I meet talking over Tumblr.

6. Where would you like to be with your life in 5 years from now?

Done with college, a job, hopefully with a boyfriend, and house.

7. Would the world be better off, on the whole, without religion?

No actually, however I believe it would be better off without over organized Religion.

8. If you could change any one thing about your personality, what would it be and why?

I would make myself stop putting so much blame on myself for every little thing that goes wrong in peoples lives.

9. Who was your first kiss with and how old were you?

I’m a kiss virgin.

10. What is your earliest childhood memory?

18 months, my sister coming home from the hospital after being born.

11. Chocolate or vanilla? 


votrecoude’s questions will be:

1. Do you think that joining Tumblr has been good for you?  
Yeah, in a way, I mean I’ve got a lot more people I can talk to, it’s really fun, I love my blog, I love other people’s blogs (: There’s a downside that occasionally I see posts that trigger me and my social life may have suffered a bit, but I think over all it’s been good for me!

2. What’s one memory that makes you happy?
Any time I’m sitting with friends, laughing, having fun. Time’s when everyone is happy and untroubled (:

3. What’s the cutest Pokemon?
Eevee :3

4. The best game system for you?
Probably the Nintendo Wii, it has all the games I like, Mario, Zelda ect

5. What’s something  about you that you wish everyone knew?
That when you look at me and I look serious and unfriendly, that’s just my relaxed face. Or you’re pretty and you’ve startled me by looking at me.

6. Your favourite show on Television right now?
Right now, probably How I met your Mother (:

7. Your OTP?
Despite everything that is going/gone on (and please don’t kill me) Phan :3

8. Who’s your favorite Tumblr Blogger?
Right now, it’s probably votrecoude  (:

9. On a casual date you would go to what Restaurant?
I have no idea, it depends on the person, what they like, what kinda of atmosphere they like ect

10. Least favorite color?
(this is a lot harder than thinking of a  favourite colour) Probably… dirty gold

11. What you like best about Tumblr?
The people, they’re brilliant x3

My questions will be:

1. Do you think that joining Tumblr has been good for you?

2. What’s one memory that makes you happy?

3. What’s the cutest Pokemon?

4. The best game system for you?

5. What’s something  about you that you wish everyone knew?

6. Your favorite show on Television right now?

7. Your OTP?

8. Who’s your favorite Tumblr Blogger?

9. On a casual date you would go to what Restaurant?

10. Least favorite color?

11. What you like best about Tumblr. 

I’ll tag (the same questions I did, sorry I’m lazy): 







follow forever thing yey


anyway I’ll try and make this longer then the 50 followers one :3





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if you’re still here, hi I’m ellie, I’m 15 and idk how else to explain myself other than Phan and mcr trash. So gimme a follow or ask? (I will love you forever)

Anyway thank you everyone for 100 followers, I love every single one of you

Merry Christmas, beautiful people! I’ve never done one of these before, but I felt it’d be cool to do since I just hit my followers goal last night, and it’s the holidays, and it’s close to the end of the year. :-)

Keep in mind, I follow way over 1k people on here so there’s a possibility I might’ve missed a few people that I’ll probably go back in and add. But I promise I love you all so much. (if we’re mutuals and I forgot you, pls pls message me and I’ll for sure add you)

I rarely unfollow people so I technically would count everyone! Alas, I can only pick so many hehe.

Side note: if you currently have a festive url, I’m tagging it as such! And I’ll probs change it later, I dunno.



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My first ever follow forever!! it was a lot harder than I expected. I hope you all have a great New Year! :)

So I just hit 500 followers (yaay) which isn’t much, but it’s a big achievement for me…

I don’t actually know how these work??? so I’m just gonna tag the phan blogs i follow bellow…

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e~ eroticphil

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w~ whylester

y~ yeezydan

have i done it right??

you guys are all amazing and thank you for brightening up my dashboard!1!! (that’s kinda cheesy- oh wells)