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Cut in Two
  • Cut in Two
  • Reading Rainbow
  • Prism Eyes

Best Albums of 2010:

#5: Reading Rainbow - Prism Eyes

A boy and a girl decide to record a collection of hits that melt your heart from start to finish.  The consistency they’ve achieved in crafting these tender jamz is unheard of in this day and age.  Another overlooked gem (guaranteed or your obscure indie points back!) that should be the soundtrack to the perfect prom we all never got to go to.

P.S.  Best band name ever (besides “Dads”)

Up the Punx…With Your Significant Other: “Cut in Two”

5/10/2014 - stream of conscious

sick in bed + listening to cat power & refusing to use the word ‘and’ in any of my sentences today. The neighbors are banging object to ground.

the cat
the carrot
off the counter
i will teach the cat to speak in tongues.

it is saturday & clark park is overflowing with babies  + puppies + happy but I was supposed to go see my parents today but i was so faint and no-voiced that i cancelled. 

it’s bad luck prowlin’.
i says.

this week will be this:
coffee grinds
tiny theo
shane + b
ceramic plant
study terror
refuse to stay sick.

my new queen will arrive
and i will cover it in blankets
and sleep fully obscured.

(these are the memories we bury/dig holes deeper than conflict/sear the edges/weld the womb)

surrealism with KH
she turns red hot when the
students ask all the questions
& William will be there.

the history of ugliness
a woman destroyed
seeing and writing
glowing throat
it’s morning and my book is 2/3rd in
(i feel married to the protagonist)
no one ever emails me.

i will wear a pretty dress & assist the photographer.
Friday the 16th is a free day. 
(maybe romance?)
art after 5
art in the open
on the Schuylkill 
the teens will be there.
& when my voice comes back,
'and’ will be there.

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