These two rocks are my most precious. On the right is a rock I picked up while visiting the great pyramids. I looked down and it seemed to be smiling at me. (It’s hard to tell in this photo but the scratches sort of look like a smiling skull). It felt like a gift from Osiris.

On the left is a piece of granite from the island that now holds the temple of Philae, the Egyptian temple dedicated to Isis. Having them on my altar makes me feel so much closer to my matron and patron deities.


Views from the Temple of Isis in Aswan. 

On our second day in Aswan, we visited the Temple of Isis originally located in Philae. The first full-fledged temple I’d seen in person, I was overwhelmed by both its size and the carvings covering the walls.  

An interesting bit of history: when the Aswan Dam was built, the Nile waters flooded parts of Aswan and threatened many historical sites housed in nearby Philae, including the Temple of Isis. Some of the ruins were moved and now are safely situated in their new homes both in Egypt and different museums around the world. The Temple of Isis was one of the lucky sites, transferred to a manmade island in the middle of Lake Nasser.

Considering its massive size, I have great respect for those who moved the temple and rebuilt it piece by piece.