I’m back from Egypt. It was amazing, it always is. :)

We’re going back this September. And you can come with us! :)

September 11. 2016- arrival
September 12-15 - Awakening the illuminated Heart workshop
(September 15 arrival, if you are not joining the workshop)
September 16-24 - Sacred journey through Egypt
September 25 - going home 

For more information send an email to

Temple of the Goddess Isis at Philae,
detail from the back wall of the Inner Shrine of the “House of Birth” (the Mammisi):
the Goddess Isis suckling Horus the Child in the papyrus swamps, flanked by Thoth (at left) presenting the ‘Tyet’-knot and by Amon-Ra (at right) giving the 'Ankh’ (Life).
(Drawing from “Monumenti dell'Egitto e della Nubia” by Ippolito Rosellini, cfr. “The Gods of the Egyptians” by E.A.W. Budge)

Temple of the Goddess Isis at Philae,
scenes from the Gateway of the First Pylon, inner face, east side (the King represented is Nectanebo I):

-on the top (that is the lintel),
(at left) the King (wearing the Red Crown) offering a statuette of Maat to Shu (wearing the Four-feathered Crown),
(at right) the King (wearing the Blue Crown) offering wine to Khnum (ram-headed, wearing the ‘Atef’-Crown with the two feathers) and Sati (Sṯjt, wearing the White Crown with gazelle or antelope horns)

-on the jamb,
(lower register) the King offering incense to Anuki
(upper register) the King (wearing the 'Atef’-Crown with the two feathers and ram’s horns) offering a plate with food to Isis

(the images have been impiously hammered by the christians…)